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Podcast episode 1618: PEDs, losing streaks & the save rule

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With a week and a half between recordings, we had a lot to cover on the podcast, from the Dodgers' six-game losing streak to Josh Ravin's PED suspension, to interleague play.

Kenley Jansen getting a save for recording one out in Tuesday's 10-5 win spawned this week's Play Index question.

I looked up recent one-out saves by the Dodgers, and only twice besides Jansen on Tuesday did a Dodger get a save by getting the final out of a five-run victory - Eric Gagne in 2004, and Antonio Osuna in 1996.

You will hear real-time reaction to Yasiel Puig posting a picture of himself hanging from the CN Tower:

Feel free to send us suggestions for future Play Index searches. Keep those Dodgers related, but any other questions can delve into any topics. Send all to, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or @jacobburch.

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