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2016 MLB Draft schedule: Dodgers have 8 picks on Friday

The Dodgers draffed catcher Steve Yeager in the fourth round in 1967, and he played in the majors with them from 1972-1985.
The Dodgers draffed catcher Steve Yeager in the fourth round in 1967, and he played in the majors with them from 1972-1985.
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We got just enough of the 2016 MLB Draft to wet our whistle on Thursday night, with the first two rounds plus a little extra. Now comes Friday, when we start to get into the nitty gritty with eight more rounds in the second day of the three-day event.

There were 77 picks on Thursday night, but we get 239 picks on Friday, with rounds three through 10. The Dodgers, just like 28 other teams, have eight picks on Friday. The only MLB team with seven picks on Friday is the Tigers, who don't have a third-round pick.

Detroit signed a pair of qualifying-offer free agents in Jordan Zimmermann and Justin Upton, but since their first-round selection was in the top 10 — they picked ninth overall — their two picks lost were their second- and third-round selections.

Day 2 is when hipster draft fans can get their freak on, as there is no more televised action. After several hours of coverage on MLB Network on Day 1, Friday brings us only the stream on, where people at their day jobs can listen and/or watch at their computers secretly without their boss knowing.

There is still excellent content on Friday, with MLB Pipeline's Jim Callis and Jonathan Mayo providing commentary as the picks come in.

Online coverage begins on Friday with a studio show at 9:30 a.m. PT, followed by the draft restarting at 10 a.m. with the beginning of Round 3. There is one minute in between picks on Friday, all the way through the end of the 10th round.

Here are leaders by WAR for the Dodgers among players drafted and signed in rounds 3-10, thanks to the wonderful Baseball-Reference draft database:

3rd: Sid Fernandez (1983) 32.8 WAR

4th: Steve Yeager (1967) 18.0

5th: John Franco (1981) 24.2

6th: Shane Victorino (1999) 31.2

7th: David Ross (1999) 9.5

8th: Charlie Hough (1966) 39.5

9th: Doyle Alexander (1968) 35.5

10th: Cory Wade (2004) 2.0

The Dodgers had a gem in the 10th round in the very first amateur draft, in 1965. They picked a local product, a pitcher out of USC, but couldn't come to terms so he returned to school for another year.

That was Tom Seaver.

Friday draft info

Rounds: 3-10

Dodgers picks: 8 total (101, 131, 161, 191, 221, 251, 281, 331)

Time: 10 a.m. PT

TV: None

Online streaming:

Twitter: Every pick will be tweeted at @MLBDraftTracker