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2016 MLB Draft schedule: Dodgers finish up Saturday with Rounds 11-40

Photo: MLB

We have reached the third and final day of the 2016 MLB Draft, which also happens to be the most prolific. There are a whopping 30 rounds on Saturday, with each team picking in Rounds 11-40.

The Dodgers in the first 10 rounds have had 12 picks, spent on five college pitchers, five college hitters, one high school hitter and one high school pitcher.

In 2015 through 10 rounds, the Dodgers also had the split of 10 college picks and two high schoolers, though both prep players were hitters at this point and seven of the 10 collegians were pitchers.

There are no allotted slot bonuses for the final 30 rounds. Teams can spend up to $100,000 on each pick if they wanted to without penalty. Any bonus amount over $100,000 counts against the bonus pool, and eyeballing the Dodgers' first 12 picks, it seems like they left themselves some room to be aggressive on Saturday with some high-upside players who might be tough to sign.

After all, the Dodgers' first 12 picks consist of two college seniors with no leverage, and considering the pre-draft rankings several of the other picks could sign for under slot as well, including first-rounder Gavin Lux.

"It always gets trickier as you go down the draft the signability part of the equation gets harder and harder. How many guys we'll be able to take, I don't know," Dodgers director of amateur scouting Billy Gasparino said on Thursday. "I hope these high school kids' demands are reasonable and we can go get some more."

Last year, the Dodgers gave bonuses over $100,000 to a pair of late-round high school pitchers — $647,500 to Imani Abdullah in the 11th round, and $500,000 to Logan Crouse in the 30th — though the latter was only possible once No. 35 pick Kyle Funkhouser didn't sign.

There is no television again on Saturday, but the final 30 rounds will be broadcast on beginning at 9 a.m. PT.

After four minutes in betwen picks in the first round, then one-minute intervals for the rest of the picks through the 10th round, the picks will come fast and furious on Saturday, with no time in between selections. That's an absolute necessity, with 900 picks on Saturday after 316 picks on the first two days combined.

Saturday draft info

Rounds: 11-40

Dodgers picks: 30 total (361, 391, then keep adding 30 through pick 1211)

Time: 9 a.m. PT

TV: None

Online streaming:

Twitter: Every pick will be tweeted at @MLBDraftTracker

Dodgers picks: Use our Draft Tracker