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Vin Scully braved a sore throat to call Clayton Kershaw vs. Stephen Strasburg

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The pitching matchup between Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw and Nationals right-hander Stephen Strasburg was one of the most highly anticipated of the season, and not just for the fans. Vin Scully really wanted to call this game, too.

Scully has a sore throat, which is why the first three innings of his television broadcast on SportsNet LA wasn't simulcast on radio. In the second inning, Scully explained why he sounded differently on Monday, even apologizing for his raspy voice.

"I really knew I had a sore throat, but I wanted to see Strasburg and Kershaw so badly that I decided I'm going to go and somehow croak my way through the game. It will be so exciting. I'm going to see two of the great pitchers going head to head," Scully explained. "And about 45 minutes before the start of the game, Strasurg let me down."

Washington scratched Strasburg about an hour before game time with a strained upper back.

Hearing Scully describe his anticipation for the matchup was a fascinating moment, and it's still amazing that Scully, who has seen just about everything in baseball, still has a sense of wonderment about the game in his 67th season on the job.

"So anyway, I'm sorry. We'll do the best we can," Scully continued. "Maybe I thought all of a sudden I'll feel 100 percent with Strasburg and Kershaw, something magical will happen. Dummy."