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Adrian Gonzalez and Chase Utley combine for crazy catch

The right side of the Dodgers' infield combined for an amazing catch on Wednesday night on a ball that looked like it would fall to the ground. The team owned in part by Magic Johnson benefitted from a no-look pass of sorts from Chase Utley to Adrian Gonzalez.

Nationals' Joe Ross popped up down the right field line into the triangle of Utley, Gonzalez and Yasiel Puig. Utley was the only one of the three that could get to the ball but seemingly didn't have it. At the last moment, the crafty veteran took a stab at it with his glove.

The ball bounced off Utley's glove, headed towards Gonzalez, ricocheting off the first baseman's leg before eventually landing in his glove.

Utley and the rest of the Dodger Stadium crowd had the same "did he just catch that" reaction. Who knew that this play wouldn't be the best -- or weirdest -- play of the night?