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Vin Scully picks up foul ball in the booth, tosses it to lucky fans

Thousands of fans go to baseball games every night around the country hoping to catch a ball that has either gone foul or been tossed by a player. How about a foul ball that was tossed by Vin Scully?

That's what happened on Wednesday night at Dodger Stadium when the Dodgers' legendary broadcaster had a ball come his way in the ninth inning off the bat of Jayson Werth.

Scully narrated the video of himself in the act as he dropped the ball to the lucky fans below his booth.

"There you go," Scully said. "Now to find it, pick it up and look for a child. I couldn't find one so I just dropped it down."

It's not every day that the 88-year-old interacts with fans in such a way during the middle of a game.

"Great moment in sports, right?" Scully said joking. It absolutely was, Vin. Especially for the fan on the receiving end of the ball.