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Dave Roberts not surprised by production from his youngest players

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles --- "More encouraged than surprised" is how manager Dave Roberts described the amount of production from Corey Seager, Trayce Thompson, and Joc Pederson."  "When you get production like that from young players, that is encouraging, that is exciting."

Roberts also said that one reason to look for less drop off from Seager and Thompson as the season goes forward is that there is less swing and miss from those two young players.

"To be really good we need everybody," Roberts said in response on is the offense to reliant on Seager, Thompson and Pederson, "to be clicking at the same time, that is unrealistic."  Roberts added if you asked Adrian Gonzalez and Justin Turner, "they would say the offense is up to them, I think there is that accountability from those players."

Other pregame notes

"Julio [Urias] will make his start," said manager Dave Roberts, "he did throw the ball well in Chicago, to get him a start here at home is great for him, great for us, he deserves it."

Scott Van Slyke will start tomorrow.

Injury updates:

Hyun-jin Ryu started his throwing program last week, he's throwing loss toss at 90-120 feet.

Roberts would only say that Ryu is on accelerated program but there is no timetable and that Ryu would need at least four rehab starts to be ready to pitch for the Dodgers.

Brandon McCarthy is going throw another simulated game in a couple of days, three inning, 60 pitch session to hitters.

Roberts said that McCarthy will have at least one more simulated game before a rehab assignment is contemplated.