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Podcast episode 1621: Corey Seager power surge, Julio Urias' debut & the Dodgers cleaning house

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Playing some catch-up after a week off, we talk about Corey Seager's home runs from last week, Julio Urias making his major league debut, and the Dodgers cleaning house by designating both Alex Guerrero and Carl Crawford for assignment, both of whom are under contract through 2017.

There was also a bunch of Weird Al Yankovic trivia, and the Play Index question this week revolved around teenage pitchers at Dodger Stadium in honor of Urias on Tuesday night.

Also, Spock or Riker?

Feel free to send us suggestions for future Play Index searches. Keep those Dodgers related, but any other questions can delve into any topics. Send all to, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or @jacobburch.

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