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Clayton Kershaw throws a light bullpen and post-All-Star break rotation is set

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES --- While the Dodgers get ready go close out the first half, this morning brought an update about Clayton Kershaw as he works on his return to the Dodgers.

Manager Dave Roberts said Clayton Kershaw had a light bullpen today at Dodger Stadium.  He threw about 20-25 pitches.

The rotation was also announced for the first five games after the All-Star break:  Righthanders Bud Norris, Brandon McCarthy and Kenta Maeda will go against the Diamondbacks in Phoenix next weekend and then lefthanders Scott Kazmir and Hyun-Jin Ryu will pitch the first two games against the Nationals in Washington D.C.

Roberts also spoke about today's starter and what he thinks he needs to do to be successful

"When guys face Kenta, they're looking out over it, sometimes sitting soft," said Roberts, "I've said it before, I think that Kenta's got more room inside than I think [Maeda] does inside for the fastball."

Roberts added that ultimately, Maeda has to be confident in his ability to throw the fastball inside.

"But when you take that mound, you are 60 feet, six inches from Matt Kemp," Roberts said, "you still have to be convicted to execute it in there for fear of not getting hit."

With all that,  Roberts sees Maeda having a good outing this afternoon.

"He's prepared and we've got a good scouting report so like I said, I expect him to throw well today."