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Corey Seager was great, no match for Mark Trumbo in Home Run Derby

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Seager already had the Dodgers second best Home Run Derby performance when he clubbed 15 homers in the first round. Unfortunately for him, Mark Trumbo hit 16 with plenty of time to spare to knock Seager out after the first round.

Last year's Derby for Joc Pederson still remains the best for any Dodger to take part in the event.

How good is 15 homers in the first round?

Nine of Seager's 15 homers went longer than 400 feet, with five going further than 420.

It really seemed like Seager did well until the likes of Trumbo and Giancarlo Stanton started swinging the bat. Trumbo only had eight homers after he had exhausted all but one minute and 15 seconds of the four minutes allotted per hitter. But then the Orioles' lumberjack went to work after his 45-second timeout.

Trumbo didn't make an out after the break, cranking eight homers in a row with about 10 seconds to go in the round. Even with a couple swings left, there was still the 30-second bonus time left to go.