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Podcast episode 1626: The All-Star break & Pokemon

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This week on the podcast we do a little unwinding with four days in between games. Among topics on the podcast are Corey Seager and Kenley Jansen at the All-Star Game, when Clayton Kershaw might return, and sorting out the rotation after that.

We also talk Dr. Pepper and non-regulation baseball attire, and somehow Pokemon Go suck in there as well. The Play Index question involved Dodgers with games finished in the All-Star Game. Jacob and Eric also held a snake draft picking teams of Dodgers players seen in person or television in their lifetimes, quite a fun game to play.

Food talk involved gummy bears, gummy worms, and soapy cilantro.

Feel free to send us suggestions for future Play Index searches. Keep those Dodgers related, but any other questions can delve into any topics. Send all to, or contact us on Twitter at @truebluela or @jacobburch.

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