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Vin Scully remembers first impression of Sandy Koufax

What a piece of history

It's a thrill for Vin Scully at this time each year when the Dodgers invite former players back to Dodger Stadium for the Old-Timer's Game. With a certain lefty in the building, it reminded Scully of the first time he saw one of the greatest pitchers in baseball history.

"I must be the worst baseball scout in the whole world," Scully said. "I'll tell you why. It has to do with Sandy Koufax."

Scully happened to be at the park when Koufax was to throw for the Dodgers and decided to stick around since he was single and had nowhere else to be.

"So I went down to the clubhouse and I saw the fella who was going to tryout and my first thought was NO CHANCE,"

We've all had that moment of judging a book by it's cover. But rarely does "no chance" turn into Hall of Fame worthy.

"He was completely tan," said Scully. "I thought, well, he spent all the time on the beach, not playing baseball."

"He threw pretty hard. Not any harder than some of the guys I faced when I was trying to play ball in college. And he bounced some curveballs. I thought, well, he is just a fella they're taking a look at and he spends his time on a beach and that will be that and I'll probably never see him again.

"Yeah, right," Scully said to himself. "Way to go, Vin."

It's quite alright, Vinny. That broadcasting thing worked out just fine for you.