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Mike Piazza discusses Dodgers on Jimmy Kimmel Live


It's no secret that Mike Piazza and the Dodgers didn't end their working relationship well in 1998. Now that Piazza has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, the subject has reached new levels with Dodger fans who thought there should be an LA on the plaque instead of an NY.

The former catcher chose the Mets as his team when he is enshrined on Sunday in Cooperstown. Eric Stephen wrote a great piece on the bittersweet weekend to come.

Piazza recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the Dodgers among other things, including the moment he had to tell Tommy Lasorda that he was picking the Mets over the Dodgers. As one can imagine, Lasorda was angry.

"What the ****? What's wrong with you? I gave you your chance. You stabbed me in the back," Piazza said doing an impression of his close family friend Lasorda.

We can all picture Lasorda vehemently arguing the point.

Piazza also went on to imply there are no hard feelings to this group that owns the team and would welcome a reunion of some sort. The Hall-of-Famer invoked the wisdom of Rickey Henderson to respond, saying "Let's let bye-byes be bye-byes."