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Roberts is excited to Brandon McCarty make his return

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Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES ---- Manager Dave Roberts didn't think he was nervous about the return of Brandon McCarthy to the mound today until he was asked about that during his pregame interview with the media.

"I think for me, now that you say it, I do have some nerves," said Roberts. "I think for me it is more of excitement, it's been a long road back and anytime anyone has to go through Tommy John, what 14, 15 months, to me it is just more excitement."

Roberts maintained there were no limitations and is looking forward to seeing what McCarthy does today.

"I think he is going to go out there and compete, whether the pitch execution consistently is there where he wants it to be, we'll find out but I know he is going to go after hitters and compete, and we expect him to give us a chance to win," Roberts said.

Roberts said that you have to balance the game plan you have that day with what the pitcher is able to do on the mound.

"It is kind of one of those things, you know the pitch mix, but you know he has not pitched in a major league game in a while," Roberts said, "so I think that for us and for Yasmani [Grandal] to figure out, you know you take one side of a scouting report and how you are going to attack those hitters but then on the other side, you got to see what is working that day.

While this is something that has to be adjusted for in every game, Roberts said you have to take into account that McCarthy is coming back from major surgery.

"I think that is true with any pitcher but for Mac coming here in this situation," Roberts said. "It is one of those things you have got to get a good feel of, is the fastball working, can he can throw the breaking ball for a strike, is his cutter doing anything, how's his change, and so that is kind of the navigating between the pitching coach and catcher with Mac, especially a pitcher coming back with an injury like this."