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MLB Draft 2016: Dodgers reportedly sign Chris Mathewson, Zach McKinstry

Chris Mathewson struck out 107 in 104 1/3 innings for Long Beach State in 2016.
Chris Mathewson struck out 107 in 104 1/3 innings for Long Beach State in 2016.
Photo: John Fajardo | Long Beach State Athletics

The Dodgers have reportedly signed a couple more 2016 MLB Draft picks, coming to terms with 19th-round selection Chris Mathewson, a pitcher out of Long Beach State, and agreeing with 33rd-round infielder Zach McKinstry out of Central Michigan.

The Dodgers have not announced either selection.

Both were draft-eligible sophomores, giving them a little more leverage than most college draftees. The bonus for McKinstry is unknown, but Mathewson got a nice chunk of change, per Jonathan Mayo of

Any amount over $100,000 for picks after the 10th round counts against the bonus pool. Given the other reported bonuses, adding $102,000 would put the Dodgers $478,300 over their bonus pool, 5.12 percent over their allotted $9,336,500.

However, I have confirmed that the Dodgers did not reach five percent over, which would have triggered the forfeiture of their 2017 first-round pick. But I haven't confirmed all of the exact bonuses. This means there is some discrepancy, probably between $10-15,000 or so, which would get the Dodgers overage under 5%, the point at which the penalty would be forfeiting future draft picks instead of just a cash "tax".

UPDATE (July 15): The discrepancy was in the bonus for 38th-round pick Kevin Malisheski, who received $251,000, not $265,000 as previously reported. The Dodgers ended up 4.97 percent over their allotted bonus pool.

Mathewson had a 3.62 ERA in 16 starts for Long Beach State in 2016, with 107 strikeouts in 104 innings. He had surgery before last season to repair a torn ACL in his right knee.

McKinstry, a left-handed batter, hit .325/.415/.383 with 10 doubles in 66 games as as sophomore for Central Michigan, walking 30 times. He stole 12 bases in 17 attempts.

News channel WANE, from McKinstry's hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana, reported the signing.

"I just want to get better, get a little bit more familiar with their program and organization as a whole," McKinstry told WANE. "Playing with the Great Lakes Loons, their single A team, that's one of my goals by the end of the year."

The Dodgers have signed 33 of their 42 draft picks.