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Dodgers ballgirl saves fan who isn't paying attention

Everybody loves a good catch at a baseball game. It's especially satisfying when the catch is made by a person who isn't competing on the field. Sunday's game between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks gave us a fun moment when the ballgirl, Emily, made a snag of a hot shot off the bat of Brandon Drury.

The ball came off the bat at 108.7 mph and Emily didn't flinch. But you can clearly see in the video that the guy closest to the liner was on his phone and didn't realize the danger until the ball was caught. Rookie move in seats that are so close to the field of play.

This guy had no clue how close he was to being struck by the ball. It looks like the ball might have narrowly missed him, but the woman sitting near him sure would've been hit. So here's to you, Emily -- saver of the bacon.

The ballgirl can also be seen in the video telling the fans, "I got you."