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Rob Segedin starts his fifth game in his first week

Rob Segedin
Rob Segedin
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

LOS ANGELES -- Rob Segedin had played 561 minor league games before playing in his first major league game last Sunday.  Since then, he has played in every game the Dodgers have played and is now making his third start at third base today against the Pirates and his fifth start in seven games.

"He's a tireless worker, he's prepared, he competes and he looks like a major league player," Manager Dave Roberts said before today's game, "he can catch the ball, he's versatile, got strength, the guys like him, everything that we are trying build as far as players, Rob's fits that mode."

"For him to get to the big leagues for the first time at 27," said Dave, "I think Rob's looking forward to a pretty good career."

Roberts said today that right-handed pitcher Bud Norris is scheduled to start Thursday in Philadelphia.

For now, left-handed pitcher Julio Urias will stay in the bullpen.

The Dodgers announced several personnel moves relevant to activating left-handed pitcher Brett Anderson today.  You can read about them here.