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MLB Central discusses Corey Seager's solid approach for the Dodgers

Former major leaguers Billy Ripken and Cliff Floyd discussed Dodgers' shortstop Corey Seager on the MLB Network's show "MLB Central" on Tuesday. The talking point centered on just how good the 22-year-old has been and what shortstop would be the best over the next 10 years.

Seager was the unanimous choice for Ripken and Floyd and they gave examples of why.

All three of the above pitches were shown in video form before breaking down that the swings are nearly identical when it comes to how Seager's approach.

"I think his approach is so sound that he’s gonna spin the pitcher’s cap," Ripken said. "lf he’s thinking about hitting a line drive off the pitcher’s forehead, he gets the bat head out on the changeup on the left, it stays a little bit more closed on the backdoor cutter in the center and then the fastball, it gets a little bit deeper at home plate."

"So there’s nothing that he does to manipulate the ball. He’s just going up there saying, ‘I’m gonna go to centerfield’ and if the pitch is a little bit lesser speed, the bat head gets further out, the next speed’s here, the next speed’s here, and he’s strong enough to leave anywhere. He doesn’t have a flaw to me."

Seager is either first or second in nearly every category for qualified rookies in 2016 and has the 4th highest average (.324) in baseball.

"His A-to-B is about as strong as anybody in the game and when you don’t change much now [you’ve] got that pitcher on the mound at your disposal," said Floyd. "As opposed to flipping it and him going, ‘Well, I can throw anything to you in any situation because I can get you out at some point.’ You’re not getting him out."