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Joe Maddon and David Ross give Vin Scully the Dodgers flag from Wrigley

Vin Scully has been receiving visitors to his booth all season long as players and broadcasters pay tribute to the legend. Cubs' manager Joe Maddon and catcher David Ross made their way up to Scully on Friday night at Dodger Stadium.

"Well, you began with us. I’m glad to see you ... I wish you’d play in your 50s,"  Scully said as he greeted Ross.

"I wish I could too," said Ross. "But I think the mama wants me home, the kids want me home, and the body — the body doesn’t take it anymore. But I’m enjoying the heck out of this year."

Madden and Ross came bearing gifts for Scully, handing over the Dodgers flag from Wrigley Field and the number 67 from the Wrigley scoreboard.

Scully joked, "I can fly that over the house."

Ross and Scully traded stories of when the Cubs' backstop started his career with the Dodgers. The first career game for Ross was catching Hideo Nomo who gave Ross the glove as a souvenir of the occasion.