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Contract details for Chase Utley & Franklin Gutierrez

Los Angeles Dodgers  v Philadelphia Phillies Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

PHOENIX — The Dodgers earlier this week finalized their one-year deals with Chase Utley and Franklin Gutierrez. In addition to the base salaries — $2 million for Utley and $2.6 million for Gutierrez — both can earn a little extra in contract incentives.

The Associated Press has the breakdown for both, with Gutierrez able to earn an extra $400,000 and Utley up to $500,000.

Utley can earn money for both games played and plate appearances. Here are the details:

$62,500 for 40 games
$62,500 for 60 games
$62,500 for 80 games
$62,500 for 100 games

$62,500 for 400 PA
$62,500 for 450 PA
$125,000 for 500 PA

Utley, now 38, played in 138 games and had 565 plate appearances for the Dodgers in 2016. He figures to see a reduced role in 2017, with Logan Forsythe acquired to play second base.

The bonuses for Gutierrez are all based on plate appearances:

$100,000 for 400 PA
$100,000 for 450 PA
$200,000 for 500 PA

Gutierrez, who turned 34 on Tuesday, had 283 plate appearances in 2016 for the Mariners, and hasn’t reached 400 PA since 2010.