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Corey Seager might remain in Dodgers camp during Freeway Series

Colorado Rockies v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Rob Tringali/Getty Images

PHOENIX — Last spring, Corey Seager returned to major league game action only after the Dodgers returned home for the Freeway Series. This year, the wait might be even longer.

The Dodgers shortstop might remain at Camelback Ranch after camp breaks on Wednesday, in order to continue getting at-bats in minor league games to prepare for the regular season.

Seager hasn’t played in a major league game since March 3, nursing a sore oblique suffered on a throw from shortstop. He has played in three minor league games this week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), including two at shortstop. He feels fine physically, but is still working on his swing.

“He came out of it well,” manager Dave Roberts said. “He doesn’t feel great mechanically, with his timing, but that’s to be expected.“

Seager is expected to play shortstop again in a minor league game on Monday, and get another 4-5 at-bats. The Dodgers’ minor league schedule runs through Saturday, giving Seager more opportunities to pile up at-bats in a game setting, and the more controlled environment allows opportunities for more chances as needed (he could bat every inning, for instance, rules be damned).

Last year, Seager missed the final 19 days of games in Arizona during spring training with a sprained right knee. He got at-bats on the minor league side, then returned to major league action by starting all three games of the Freeway Series against the Angels back in Los Angeles and Anaheim.

How much of this year’s Freeway Series Seager might miss is still undecided.

“To get him in a major league ballpark is really not a priority,” Roberts said. “It’s more, if he can accrue more at-bats down here, that’s what makes the most sense.”