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Dodgers will wear these caps and jerseys for MLB special event days in 2017

MLB unveiled the caps and jerseys for special events in 2017 on Tuesday, which are basically the days in which the Dodgers and other teams will wear uniforms that have colors different than their normal hues.

Here are the special caps and jerseys coming this season.

Mothers Day

The Dodgers are on the road at the Rockies on May 14, and will wear pink-infused caps and jerseys that look basically the same as the ones they wore in 2016, in Toronto.

Proceeds from the sales of these caps will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation as well as Stand Up to Cancer, and this day is usually filled with pink bats, wristbands and ribbon decals that will also help raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Memorial Day

The Dodgers are on the road in St. Louis on May 29. There is an aggressively green tilt to these jerseys and especially the caps, the latter also including camouflage bills.

Proceeds from these will benefit MLB Charities.

Fathers Day

The Dodgers are again on the road for one of these games, at the Reds on June 18. The jerseys mostly look the same as 2016, but the caps are a powder blue for 2017.

Proceeds here benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up to Cancer.

Independence Day

The Dodgers are home on July 4 to play the Diamondbacks, and will wear these:

Proceeds from these benefit MLB Charities.

All-Star Game

Miami hosts the All-Star Game on July 11, but up first is the Monday workout day and Home Run Derby. That means wearing American or, in the Dodgers’ case, National League jerseys in Marlins colors, and a black cap.

For the game on Tuesday, players wear their normal team jerseys, but one addition this year will be a special patch on the left sleeve, with a black and gold star with the number of All-Star appearances in the center. Should Clayton Kershaw make the All-Star team this year, for instance, his patch would have a 7 in the middle.

The caps for Tuesday are a little different for each team, with the Dodgers having a little bit different shade of blue.