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MLB Draft 2017: The top 200 prospects

The draft starts Monday night with the first two rounds.

Missouri RHP Tanner Houck is ranked as David Hood’s 18th-best prospect in this draft. Will he be available to the Dodgers at 23?
Photo credit: University of Missouri baseball

The 2017 MLB Draft is just days away, and this year I’m releasing my Top 200 list all at once. This year’s draft marks the first time since I started covering the Dodgers’ farm that Los Angeles does not have any additional selections. This might be just as well, as my general impression of the depth in this class is not as favorable as the previous two drafts. Before unveiling the list, I wanted to share a few additional thoughts on the 2017 class.

While the talent is still strong at the top, the depth tends to drop off fairly quickly after the first 60-70 players. The college bats are particularly shallow this season, and the prep class is lacking in quality left side infield talent. Perhaps this class’s greatest asset is speed, with several college burners to pair with a prep class that gave little reverence to the 6.5-second barrier in the sixty yard dash.

The prep class is deepest in outfielders, where Jordon Adell might be perhaps the toolsiest prep since I started my rankings here. Beyond Adell, there are several 80-grade runners with additional offensive tools to spare, and speed will likely be available through the first five rounds. The college class also has it’s share of base stealers, though outside of Jeren Kendall, most of the collegiate burners lack pop.

My biggest concern with the prep class this year is the potential bust factor in many of it’s upper-tier talents. Analytical teams tend to shy away from older prep prospects, but that might be difficult to do with so many top guys being old for the class (including potential Dodgers target Bubba Thompson). Additionally, injury concerns plague several second tier prep arms, with potential first day picks Joe Perez and CJ Van Eyk being of particular concern.

The collegiate class is fairly deep in catching prospects that should see major league time, albeit few look like first division capable starters. Wisconsin Milwaukee catcher Dalton Varsho shows the most potential to blossom into a starting catcher with a well rounded offensive profile, and Baseball America even mocked him in the first round to the Cubs. Beyond Varsho, the draft has all flavors of 6’0 200-ish pound catchers to chose from on the second day.

Like the last two years, my list will be missing some names that otherwise should likely be included, because I was not able to find sufficient video to offer my own opinion. This year, the biggest names not listed are Arkansas RHP Blaine Knight, Tennessee prep RHP Steven Jennings, and Texas prep OF Mason House. Should info change between now and Monday, I will make their inclusions noted over the weekend.

Outside of that, this list was prepped by reviewing the names on draft lists at both Baseball America and MLB Pipeline and fitting the players into my traditional tier ranking structure. If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments, or send me a message on twitter @davidchood. Enjoy.

Top 200 draft prospects

Rank Name School Position Overall Risk Ceiling Pros Cons
Rank Name School Position Overall Risk Ceiling Pros Cons
1 Hunter Greene Notre Dame HS RHP 80 50 80 elite athlete, chance for ++ FB, sink, feel for spin raw for elite talent on mound, shut down early
2 JB Bukauskas North Carolina RHP 70 60 70 dominant K potential, ++SL, 3 + pitches, demeanor undersized, will fight command issues
3 Jeren Kendall Vanderbilt CF 70 55 70 elite athlete, ++ speed, + arm, productive slight of frame, not projectable, some swing and miss
4 Jordon Adell Ballard HS CF 70 45 80 rare size/speed/tools combo, elite ceiling boom/bust profile, some stiffness in his swing
5 Brendan McKay Louisville LHP 65 60 60 +CV, feel for pitching, k potential, command ceiling more 2/3 than 1, present FB velo just avg
6 Shane Baz Concordia Lutheran HS RHP 65 45 70 live arm, chance for +SNK, +SL, pitchability can lose release point on BB's, avg command
7 Kyle Wright Vanderbilt RHP 65 55 60 good frame, chance for + FB, sharp CV doesn't dominate with stuff, 2/3 ceiling not 1
8 Royce Lewis JSerra Catholic SS 65 50 65 rangy athlete, feel for hit, chance for decent pop might outgrow SS, not elite defensive tools
9 Makenzie Gore Whiteville HS LHP 65 45 65 fluid athlete, easy arm action, chance for +FB,SL still raw pitchability, needs work on command
10 Sam Carlson Burnsville HS RHP 65 40 70 chance for + to ++ SNK, arm speed, projectable BB needs more polish, exposure, relief poss.
11 Jake Burger Missouri State 3B/1B 60 50 65 excellent hit/power combo, + arm, productive might not stick at 3B, lacks projection
12 Alex Lange Louisiana State RHP 60 50 65 track record, chance for + FB and CV, athletic command issues, possible relief profile
13 Alex Faedo Florida RHP 60 55 60 durable build, chance for + FB, consistency not a great athlete, more 2/3 ceiling, arm action
14 Blayne Enlow St. Amant HS RHP 60 45 65 spin rate, ++ CV, high strikeout potential, upside 2 pitches, arm slot and action will waver
15 Nick Pratto Huntington Beach HS 1B 60 50 60 plate approach, feel for hit, chance for + pop not as projectable, likely a 1B only type
16 Austin Beck North Davidson HS RF 60 40 70 power prospect, bat speed and launch angle exposure, not as projectable as peers, floor
17 David Peterson Oregon LHP 55 55 55 huge K production, ++ command, four pitch mix lacks projection, velo not elite, ultimate ceiling
18 Tanner Houck Missouri RHP 55 50 60 excellent frame, + SNK, track record, durability mid rotation upside, incon. secondaries
19 Drew Waters Etowah HS CF 55 45 65 5 tool potential, loose athlete, excellent bat speed hit tool lags behind pop, some swing and miss pot.
20 Griffin Canning UCLA RHP 55 50 55 excellent command, stuff trending up, athletic undersized, doesn't always dominate, poss. reliever
21 Clarke Schmidt South Carolina RHP 55 45 60 + to ++ SNK, athletic, productive, production injured (TJ), possible reliever, durability
22 Jeter Downs Monsignor Pace HS SS 55 40 65 excellent athlete, raw tools for + defense, pop needs refinement on his INF actions, not projectable
23 Pavin Smith Virginia 1B/LF 55 55 55 + hit tool, chance for above avg pop, productive power not ideal at 1B, projectability, ceiling
24 Evan White Kentucky 1B/LF/RF 55 50 55 excellent feel for hit, + athleticism for 1B, upside ? power potential for corner, ceiling ? at 1B
25 Ryan Vilade Stillwater HS 3B 55 45 60 good frame w/ upside, chance for + power, loft swing and miss potential, avg defensive reputation
26 Bubba Thompson McGill-Toolen HS CF 55 40 65 + to ++ speed, feel for hit, dev. pop, upside thinly built and proj. a ?, overall power ceiling
27 Adam Haseley Virginia CF/RF 55 50 55 bat speed, developing pop and hit, 5 tools no true + tool, must stick in CF to reach ceiling
28 Brendon Little State JC of Florida LHP 55 45 60 durable build, excellent K potential, feel for spin mechanics still work in progress, command wavers
29 Mark Vientos American Heritage HS 3B 55 40 65 bat speed, chance for + pop, arm strength, upside a little stiff athletically, swing and miss potential
30 Tanner Burns Decatur HS RHP 55 45 60 pitchability, hard FB and CV combo, durable build lacks projection for a HS, mid rotation upside
31 Trevor Rogers Carlsbad HS LHP 55 45 60 projectable frame, easy + FB, CH shows potential CV will need to be retooled, incon. arm slot, age
32 DL Hall Valdosta HS LHP 55 40 60 chance for + to ++ CV, 3 pitch mix, compete level limited projectability, undersized, FB avg present velo
33 Tristen Lutz Martin HS LF/RF 55 40 60 huge power potential, bat speed, excellent frame swing and miss potential, likely LF, exposure
34 Logan Warmouth North Carolina SS/2B 55 50 50 productive, solid hit tool, versatile, high floor might be better fit at 2B, not projectable, upside
35 Garrett Mitchell Orange Lutheran HS CF/RF 55 40 60 chance for 5 tools, + speed, strong/athletic build hit tool a little raw, might fit best in RF over CF
36 Seth Romero Houston LHP 55 40 60 strikeout stuff, durable build, upside character concerns, athleticism, incon. production
37 Corbin Martin Texas A&M RHP 50 45 60 excellent frame, electric arm, ++ CV, K potential production doesn't match stuff, erratic command
38 Heliot Ramos Leadership Christian Academy P.R. CF/RF 50 40 60 excellent size-speed combination, chance for + pop swing and miss potential, raw, boom/bust profile
39 Cole Brannen The Westfield School HS CF 50 40 60 5 tool potential, + speed, feel for hit, arm strength spring injury, can be a little stiff at plate
40 Daniel Cabrera Parkview Baptist HS LF/RF 50 45 55 sweet swinging LHH, chance for above avg pop probably more a corner OF, body not as projectable
41 Keston Hiura UC Irvine 2B/OF 50 50 50 ++ feel for hit, production, high floor ? on his ultimate position and power, tweener
42 Brent Rooker Mississippi State RF/1B 50 45 55 RH power, solid production, chance to stick in OF swing and miss potential, incon. bat speed/length
43 Jacob Pearson West Monroe HS LF/RF 50 45 55 good feel for hit, chance for above avg pop likely more a corner OF than CF, arm just fringy
44 Quentin Holmes Msgr. McClancy Mem. HS CF 50 40 60 elite speed, athleticism, high upside a little stiff at the plate, some swing and miss, floor
45 Tristan Beck Stanford RHP 50 45 55 projectable frame, chance for 3 abv avg pitches injury ?, limited production/exposure
46 Morgan Cooper Texas RHP 50 45 55 good build, chance for 3 pitches, good K potential upside more as a number 3, longer arm action
47 Kevin Merrell South Florida 2B/CF 50 50 50 table setting potential, + speed, solid hit tool ? on overall power potential, limited upside
48 Riley Adams San Diego C/1B 50 45 55 chance for + RH power, good arm, bat speed size might hamper at C, ? on overall hit tool
49 Brady McConnell Merritt Island HS SS 50 40 60 toolsy athlete, + speed, chance to stick at SS thin build, can look stiff athl., swing and miss ?
50 Adam Hall AB Lucas SS (HS) SS/2B 50 40 55 five tool potential, plus speed, good bat speed ? on eventual defensive position, floor
51 Conner Uselton Southmoore HS RF/LF 50 40 60 excellent frame, strength, chance for + RH power swing and miss potential, swing length, corner OF
52 Stuart Fairchild Wake Forest CF 50 50 50 + defensive reputation, solid production, avg tools limited projectability, ? on overall offensive potential
53 Nate Pearson Central Florida JC RHP 50 45 55 excellent frame, arm strength, workhorse potential struggles to command BB, mid rotation ceiling
54 Alex Scherff Colleyville Heritage HS RHP 50 45 55 arm speed/strength, + FB, chance for + CH incon. BB needs refinement, body not projectable
55 Michael Mercado Westview HS RHP 50 40 60 easy arm action, pitchability, 4 pitch mix, projectable limited exposure, body in need of development, sign.
56 Daulton Varsho Wisconsin Milwaukee C 50 45 50 good feel for hit, strength and athleticism, pop concerns about his throwing, limited exposure
57 MJ Melendez Westminster Christian HS C 50 45 55 good ath for a C, defensive rep, hit potential thin frame and projectability?, can look stiff at plate
58 Hans Crouse Dana Hills HS RHP 50 40 55 arm speed, FB can be electric, projectable frame erratic arm slot, fringy BB, possible reliever
59 Trevor Stephan Arkansas RHP 50 45 50 riding life on FB, tight SL, big K production FB velo not always above avg., mid rotation ceiling
60 Matt Sauer Ernest Righetti HS RHP 50 40 55 projectable frame, easy arm action, SNK shows pot fringy BB, repertoire needs development, raw
61 Zac Lowther Xavier LHP 50 45 50 excellent K rates, feel for spin, command, FB life body filled out, avg. athlete, fringe velo
62 Connor Wong Houston C/2B 50 45 50 versatile talent, good athlete for a C, solid production overall offensive ceiling a ? not projectable
63 James Marinan Park Vista Community HS RHP 50 40 55 projectable frame, flashes + SNK, chance for +CH slurvy BB, more middle than upper rotation upside
64 Matt Tabor Milton Academy HS RHP 50 40 55 projectable frame, arm speed, feel for spin lack of exposure, physical readiness for pro ball
65 CJ Van Eyk Steinbrenner HS RHP 50 35 55 easy + CV, electric FB, arm speed, pitchability injury ?, FB velo presently avg, signability
66 Jake Thompson Oregon State RHP 50 45 50 power arm, chance for + FB and +BB, production older prospect, likely reliever, injury history
67 Luke Heimlich Oregon State LHP 50 45 50 pitchability, 3 pitch mix, command, production fringe velo, back of rotation ceiling, character ?
68 Luis Campusano Cross Creek HS C/1B 50 40 55 bat speed and RH power potential, durable frame ? on overall defensive position, swing and miss pot
69 Hagen Danner Huntington Beach HS RHP 50 45 50 pitchability, tough arm slot, feel for spin lacks projection for HS, mid to lower rotation ceiling
70 Wil Crowe South Carolina RHP 50 45 50 feel for spin, + velocity, some K potential injury history, avg production, likely reliever
71 Drew Rasmussen Oregon State RHP 50 45 50 power arm, chance for + FB, flashes solid CH TJ Survivor, limited production, possible reliever
72 Chris McMahon West Chester Rustin HS RHP 50 40 55 good athlete, repeatable delivery, chance for + FB needs work on his secondaries, poss. relief profile
73 Landon Leach Pickering HS RHP 50 35 55 good build, quick arm, riding life on FB lack of exposure, a little raw for pro game
74 Cade Cavalli Bixby HS RHP 50 35 55 excellent athlete, arm strength, upside, projectable limited exposure, very raw, pro readiness
75 Nick Allen Parker HS SS 50 40 50 defensive reputation, INF actions, arm strength undersized, -power potential, ceiling
76 Jake Eder Calvary Christian Academy HS LHP 50 35 55 projectable, arm strength, chance for +FB with life pretty raw, lacks pro command, fringy secondaries
77 Kyle Hurt Torrey Pines HS RHP 50 40 50 good build, chance for + SNK, some feel for spin stuff reportedly down in spring, injury ?
78 Michael Gigliotti Lipscomb CF 50 40 50 table setting potential, + speed, not a slap swinger too much swing and miss, lithe build, ceiling
79 Bryce Bonnin Barbers Hills HS RHP 50 35 55 good athlete, lively FB, chance for +SL, upside might end up in relief, frame not projectable
80 Blake Hunt Mater Dei HS C 50 40 50 good defensive rep, short swing, chance for pop limited exposure, has not always produced, signability
81 Tyler Johnson South Carolina RHP 50 40 50 overpowering FB, good life, chance for + SL arm injury ?, relief prospect, command just avg.
82 Chris Seise West Orange HS SS 50 40 50 solid defensive reputation, room for growth, athlet. ? on overall offensive potential, bat speed concern
83 Gavin Sheets Wake Forest 1B 45 45 50 college production, game power, strength limited defensively, ? overall hit tool, upside
84 JJ Matijevic Arizona 1B 45 45 50 excellent feel for hit, high end production/achiever lacks present pop for 1B, overall ceiling
85 Greg Deichmann Louisiana State LF/RF/1B 45 45 50 chance for avg to above power, solid production pot. 4 corners profile, swing and miss, upside
86 Jacob Heatherly Cullman HS LHP 45 45 50 physical build, some feel for spin, 3 pitch mix age, body not projectable, command concerns
87 Tony Dibrell Kennesaw State RHP 45 45 50 easy arm strength, chance for + FB, + CH command could improve, more #3 upside
88 Kyle Jacobsen Allatoona HS CF 45 40 50 good athlete, plus speed, bat speed, defensive rep old for class, power potential, projectability
89 Brian Shaffer Maryland RHP 45 45 45 above avg SNK SL combo, good command, frame bottom rotation or mid relief upside, no + pitch
90 Drew Ellis Louisville 1B/3B 45 45 50 chance for above avg power, strong hands likely 1B or 3B, bat speed concerns, upside
91 James Karinchak Bryant RHP 45 40 50 excellent k rate, delivery funk, 3 above avg pitches durability and stamina, command wavers, relief ?
92 Greg Jones Cary HS SS/CF 45 35 55 excellent speed, + bat speed, high offensive pot. low floor, pretty raw, defensive reputation is ?
93 Jake Holmes Pinnacle HS SS 45 35 55 projectable build, good speed/size ratio, offensive pot limited exposure, still raw on offense and defense
94 Deon Stafford St. Joseph's C/OF 45 40 50 good athlete for C, + raw power, strength, production bat speed a ?, prod slipped as JR, avg defensive rep
95 Will Toffey Vanderbilt 3B 45 40 50 excellent batting eye, production, good defensive rep skills over tools, power more game than raw, ceiling
96 Kevin Smith Maryland SS 45 40 50 good defensive reputation, chance for above avg pop swing and miss, long swing, not as athl. as peers
97 Brian Miller North Carolina CF 45 45 45 solid feel for hit, defensive rep, speed limited upside, 4th outfield potential, power
98 Brigham Hill Texas A&M RHP 45 40 50 electric stuff, + CH, career production, athletic velo has backed up as junior, undersized
99 Shane Drohan Cardinal Newman HS LHP 45 40 50 solid build, three pitch mix, feel for spin lower ceiling compared to peers, FB presently fringy
100 Hunter Ruth Buchholz HS RHP 45 35 55 flashes + to ++ FB and CH, 3 pitch mix, upside out with TJ, signability ?, arm slot wavers
101 Caden Lemons Vestavia Hills HS RHP 45 35 55 highly projectable, chance for + FB, SL flashes + pretty raw, inconsistent release point/slot, pro prep
102 Calvin Mitchell Rancho Bernardo HS LF 45 40 50 good bat to ball skills, solid strength, chance for pop stiff athlete, limited defensive upside, a little raw
103 Jake Mangum Mississippi State CF/LF/RF 45 45 45 excellent feel for hit, arm strength, good speed soph. leverage, body not projectable, power
104 Glenn Otto Rice RHP 45 45 45 good feel for spin, excellent frame, flashes + FB production uneven, injury concerns, FB velo wavers
105 KJ Harrison Oregon State 1B/C 45 40 50 feel for hit, college production, chance for pop defensive ?, lacks the offensive profile for 1B
106 Tyler Freeman Etiwanda HS SS/2B 45 45 45 good instinct reputation, feel for hit, arm strength INF footwork needs work, limited power ceiling
107 Joe Perez Archbishop McCarthy HS RHP 45 35 55 easy arm strength, + present velo, solid K potential raw, inconsistent release point and finish, needs TJ
108 Riley Mahan Kentucky 2B/LF 45 40 50 good game power, some feel for hit, production poor defensive reputation, some swing and miss
109 Evan Steele Chipola JC LHP 45 35 50 tough arm angle, arm side life, feel for spin ceiling and arm strength not as high as peers
110 Seth Corry Lone Peak HS LHP 45 35 50 good feel for spin, chance for + FB, good frame Incon. velo reports, more mid rotation ceiling
111 Tommy Mace Sunlake HS RHP 45 35 50 highly projectable, developing + FB, some feel for CV thinly built, body may not be pro ready, floor
112 Garrett Cave Tampa RHP 45 35 50 + to ++ FB velo, easy arm strength, hard CV poor command, likely relief candidate, production
113 Jacob Gonzalez Chaparral HS 3B/1B 40 35 55 projectable, chance for + power, chance for solid hit INF actions need work, athleticism, arm strength
114 Oliver Jaskie Michigan LHP 40 45 45 pitchability, K production, deceptive, + CH fringe velocity, might end up a lefty specialist
115 Asa Lacy Tivy HS LHP 40 40 50 3 pitch mix, projectable build, flashes + CV, CH fringe velo at present, signability, incon. mechanics
116 Donovan Casey Boston College RHP 40 40 50 clean arm, good athlete, chance for + FB and SL limited exposure, presently a reliever, ceiling
117 Jeremiah Estrada Palm Desert HS RHP 40 40 50 loose arm and athleticism, 3 pitch mix, feel fringy velo, physical pro readiness, injury ?
118 Jordan Anderson James Clemens HS CF/RF 40 35 55 excellent speed, arm strength, bat speed a little raw offensively, injury ?, poss. signability
119 Colton Hock Stanford RHP 40 45 45 excellent frame, easy + CV, flashes + FB likely reliever, K prod doesn't match stuff, incon. velo
120 Will Gaddis Furman RHP 40 40 50 could have a solid 2 pitch mix in relief, + CV likely a better relief candidate, FB fringe in rotation
121 Joe Dunand North Carolina State 3B 40 40 50 big raw RH power, strong build, production swing and miss, might end up in OF corner
122 Jackson Rutledge Rockwood Summit HS RHP 40 40 50 excellent size, downward plane on FB, feel velo presently fringy, lower ceiling vs. peers, stiffness
123 Brett Netzer Charlotte 2B 40 40 50 excellent feel for hit, career production, bat speed avg defensive rep, limited projection, fringe avg pop
124 Taylor Walls Florida State 2B/SS 40 45 45 solid production, batting eye, solid INF actions limited ceiling and offensive upside, utility candidate
125 Matt Whatley Oral Roberts C 40 45 45 good defensive rep, solid production, chance for pop bat speed concern, swing and miss pot. upside
126 Gavin Williams Cape Fear HS RHP 40 35 55 easy velo, highly projectable, arm speed one pitch pitcher, still raw, potential reliever
127 Zach Rutherford Old Dominion SS 40 45 45 long track record of production, feel for hit, solid d rep not toolsy, thin build with little projection, utility ceiling
128 Seth Lonsway Celina HS LHP 40 40 50 tough arm angle, 3 pitch mix, some feel for spin no true + pitch, velo presently avg., projectability
129 Jared Oliva Arizona CF/LF/RF 40 40 50 solid production, good athleticism, chance for pop swing and miss concern, 4th OF profile if in corner
130 Andrew Papantonis Delbarton HS SS 40 35 55 five tool talent, + arm strength, chance for + pop tore ACL in fall, signability, INF actions need smoothing
131 Michael Baumann Jacksonville RHP RHP 40 40 50 good frame, solid production, chance for + FB, CT complicated arm action, does not dominate to velo
132 Daniel Tillo Iowa Western CC LHP 40 40 50 durable build, easy arm strength, chance for + SL FB more avg than +, limited exposure, ceiling
133 Evan Skoug TCU 1B/C 40 40 50 solid career production, chance for avg pop not a great athlete, likely a 1B, ? on offense for 1B
134 Keegan Thompson Auburn RHP 40 45 45 feel for pitching, solid track record, 3 pitch mix more back end than middle rotation, avg velo
135 Joe Lancellotti Penn Charter HS RHP 40 40 50 3 pitch mix, solid pitchability, good arm strength limited projection, signability ?, avg ceiling
136 Joey Morgan Washington C 40 45 45 good career production, solid defensive rep. hit tool overall power ceiling, not projectable, backup upside
137 Luis Gonzalez New Mexico CF/LF/RF 40 45 45 solid feel for hit, stand out production, batting eye production from off. friendly environ. 4OF upside
138 Zach Pop Kentucky RHP 40 45 45 good life/velo combo on FB, solid build, poss. CH mid relief profile, SL loses shape in low slot
139 Jesse Berardi St. John's SS/2B 40 45 45 good feel for hit, solid hands, career production limited upside, ? on power potential, avg. athlete
140 Noah Campbell Cardinal Gibbons HS 2B/SS 40 40 50 short swing, solid feel for hit, projectable, athletic infield arm, ? on overall power ceiling
141 Dylan Busby Florida State 3B/1B/RF 40 40 50 good raw RH power, career production, arm strength lots of swing and miss, might profile as 4 corner player
142 Connor Seabold Cal State Fullerton RHP 40 45 45 three pitch mix, excellent command, above avg CH no plus pitch, back end rotation ceiling, not projectable
143 Philip Clarke Christ Presbyterian Academy HS C 40 40 50 smooth LH swing, good offensive ceiling for C avg defensive rep, signability ?, not projectable
144 Tyler Holton Florida State LHP 40 40 50 excellent production, pitchability, 3 pitch mix, good CV fringe avg velo, SO eligible-signability, ceiling
145 Ernie Clement Virginia 2B/CF 40 45 45 high contact hitter, defensively versatile, production not a plus athlete, lacks pop, utility upside
146 Cole Turney Travis HS LF/RF 40 35 50 good frame, arm strength, bat speed, power potential tools ahead of skills, still raw, signability ?
147 Lincoln Henzmann Louisville RHP 40 45 40 can manipuilate FB, + CH, could be tried in rotation currently a reliever, low ceiling, avg velo
148 Logan Allen University HS LHP 40 35 50 excellent command and pitchability, 3 pitch mix stuff may not be pro ready, undersized, ceiling
149 Tommy Doyle Virginia RHP 40 45 45 tough SNK-SL combo, frame still projectable just avg k potential, likely middle relief upside
150 Emerson Hancock Cairo HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable frame, 3 pitches all flash above avg avg command, physical readiness for pro game
151 David Banuelos Long Beach State C 40 40 45 stellar defensive rep., decent track record limited offensive upside, backup upside
152 Jack Leftwich The Next Level Academy HS RHP 40 35 50 very projectable, chance for + SNK and SL considered a tough sign, just avg command
153 Brendan Murphy Mundelein HS LHP 40 35 50 projectable build, chance for + CH, solid pitchability fringe velo, physical readiness for pro game, BB
154 Steven Williams Deerfield Windsor HS C/1B/LF 40 35 50 chance for above avg pop, excellent frame, bat speed ? on eventual defensive position, avg athlete
155 Carmen Mlodzinski Healton Head HS RHP 40 35 50 feel for spin, developing velo, good frame signability, limited exposure, pro readiness
156 Jordan Spicer Polk State College JC RHP 40 45 40 chance for + SL, decent frame, riding life on FB fringe avg velo, might be relief candidate, upside
157 Charlie Barnes Clemson LHP 40 40 45 good pitchability, feel for spin, 3 pitch mix fringe velocity, lacks projection, back end ceiling
158 Kyle Johnston Texas RHP 40 40 45 arm strength, durable build, chance for + SL production doesn't match stuff, relief prospect
159 Riley Thompson Louisville RHP 40 35 50 power arm, chance for ++ FB, projectable still limited track record, RS-FR leverage, command
160 Reynaldo Rivera Chipola JC 1B/LF 40 30 55 huge frame and power potential, JC production likely 1B only, ? on bat speed for pro pitching
161 Hugh Fisher Briarcrest Christian School HS LHP 40 35 50 highly projectable, lively FB, will flash above avg CV tough sign, present velo is fringy, inconsistent slot
162 Erich Uelman Cal Poly RHP 40 40 45 durable build, heavy SNK, SL flashes above avg upside more bottom rotation than middle, velo just avg
163 Wills Montgomerie Connecticut RHP 40 35 50 durable build, great K production, flashes + FB, SL command a concern, uneven collegiate performance
164 Sam McMillan Suwanee HS C 40 40 45 good defensive rep., good swing plane and bat speed ? on overall power ceiling, body not proj. signability
165 Zach Jackson Winter Haven HS C/1B 40 30 55 big strong build, arm strength, chance for + pop below avg athlete, bat speed and hit ?, avg d rep
166 Garett King California Baptist RHP 40 45 40 good feel for spin, high arm slot, college production level of comp, ceiling, delivery a little stiff
167 Dalton Guthrie Florida SS 40 45 40 chance to stick at SS, average feel for hit and speed injury ?, production slipped as JR, upside
168 Terry Fuller Griffin HS 1B/LF 40 30 55 huge raw power, excellent athlete for size, bat speed very raw, low floor, might not have hit aptitude for pros
169 Cole Freeman Louisville State 2B/CF 40 45 40 SR sign, good speed, feel for hit, on base production limited ceiling, little power potential, GB swing
170 Sean Bouchard UCLA 3B/1B 40 35 50 good overall tools, chance for + power, solid speed underperformed his tools, ? on overall hit and D home
171 Bryce Johnson Sam Houston State CF 40 40 45 excellent production, good speed, solid defensive rep slap hitter w/ GB swing, no power, low ceiling
172 Alex Toral Archbishop McCarthy HS 1B 40 30 55 big time raw power, excellent strength and size for HS bat only prospect, signability?, avg bat speed
173 Ricardo De La Torre Puerto Rico Baseball Academy SS 40 35 50 + SS arm strength, chance for above avg D, proj. slow bat, ? on overall offensive ceiling, raw footwork
174 Ryley Widell Central Arizona JC LHP 40 35 50 projectable frame, good athlete, above avg CH fringe present velo, short track record, pro readiness
175 Eli Morgan Gonzaga RHP 40 40 45 excellent command and K production, + CH, compete undersized, fringe velo, back end rotation upside
176 Brandon Hughes Michigan State CF/LF/RF 40 40 45 good speed, strong frame, solid feel for hit swing not built for power, likely 4OF upside
177 Peter Solomon Notre Dame RHP 40 35 50 chance for + FB, body still projectable, Cape perf. likely a reliever, - command, long arm action and stab
178 Devin Hairston Louisville 2B 40 40 45 line drive swing, career production, solid def rep swing and miss concerns, power, ceiling, projectability
179 Daniel Ritcheson Bishop Alemany HS RHP 40 35 50 arm strength, projectable build, feel for spin on SL long arm action, possibly a HS relief prospect
180 Spencer Strider Christian Academy of Knoxville HS RHP 40 35 50 good arm strength, flashes + SL, durable build lacks projection, might profile best in relief
181 Chad Spanberger Arkansas 3B/1B 40 35 50 excellent strength, + raw power, adequate production huge swing and miss, ? on overall defensive position
182 Logan Salow Kentucky LHP 40 45 40 SR sign, above avg CT, good K production likely a lefty specialist upside, velo is fringe avg
183 Jack Conlon Sugar Land HS RHP 40 30 55 excellent size, projectable, arm strength, FB flashes + fringy secondaries and command, avg athlete
184 Alex Troop Michigan State LHP 40 40 45 tough high slot, life on FB, chance for above avg CV soph. leverage, fringe present velo, low ceiling
185 Hunter Williams (prev) North Carolina LHP 40 35 50 will flash power CV and FB, decent k potential uneven production, command issues, relief poss.
186 Zach Schellenger Seton Hall RHP 40 35 50 soph production, has flashed power FB and SL stuff reportedly down in spring, injury ?
187 Ben Ramirez Eastlake HS 3B/SS 40 35 50 projectable frame, chance for above avg pop avg defensive rep, likely 3B, swing and miss ?
188 Caleb Sloan Regis Jesuit HS RHP 40 35 50 good arm strength, present + FB, hard CV signability ?, wrist wrap in del. command a ?
189 Cooper Swanson Canterbury HS SS 40 30 55 potential 5 tool player, speed, arm strength, bat speed swing and miss concerns, raw INF actions
190 Sam Keating Canterbury HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable build, decent life on FB, athletic fringe velo, physical readiness for pro game, sign.
191 Chris Williams Clemson C 40 40 45 solid power production, decent defensive rep swing and miss, backup upside, offensive ceiling
192 Adam Oviedo Alvarado HS SS/2B 40 35 50 some feel for hit, chance for avg pop in MIF not as athletic as peers, body not as projectable
193 Austin Martin Trinity Christian Academy HS SS/2B 40 35 50 reputation for aptitude, solid feel for hit limited upside compared to peers, avg. athlete for MIF
194 Scott Hurst Cal State Fullerton CF 40 40 45 JR production, good speed, chance for above avg pop still raw for a collegian, 4OF upside, swing length
195 Spencer Smith Northern Durham HS C/LF 40 35 50 big bat speed, chance for + power, decent frame ? on overall defensive position, floor, swing and miss
196 Freddy Tarnok Riverview HS RHP 40 35 50 projectable build, chance for + FB , high slot CV irratic command, still raw, physical readiness for pros
197 Rylan Bannon Xavier 3B/2B 40 40 45 good production, excellent defensive rep , athleticism long swing, ? on power potential, not projectable
198 Wyatt Marks Louisiana Lafayette RHP 40 45 40 excellent K production, deceptive, solid FB, CV stuff doesn't show plus, middle relief upside
199 Quinn Brodey Stanford LF/RF 40 40 45 solid feel for hit, chance for above avg pop 4OF ceiling, swing has some length
200 Clayton Keyes Bishop Carroll HS LF/RF 40 30 50 good athlete, strength, chance for above avg offense likely an OF corner, pretty raw tools, pro readiness
NR Bryce Montes de Oca Missouri RHP 40 30 50 easy arm strength, impressive size, flashes + BB 20 grade command, production does not match stuff
NR Colby Fitch Louisville C 40 40 40 chance for above avg pop for C, adequate production avg defensive rep, below avg hit tool, swing length