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International signing period 2017-18: Dodgers ink 26 prospects

Current international signing period runs through June 15, 2018.

Several international amateur players officially signed with the Dodgers on Monday, seen here at the club’s facility in Campo Las Palmas in the Dominican Republic.
Photo credit: Dodgers

LOS ANGELES — The Dodgers officially announced the signing of 26 foreign amateur players on Tuesday, the second day of the international signing period.

Most of the players — 15 position players and 11 pitchers — gathered at the club’s facility in Campo Las Palmas in the Dominican Republic, where the picture above was taken.

During the 2017-18 international signing period, the Dodgers are limited in that they can’t sign any players for bonuses of more than $300,000. Three of the players announced by the Dodgers signed for this amount — Dominican outfielder Gorge Heredia and Dominican shortstop Amin Valdez, per Ben Badler at Baseball America; and Cuban outfielder Julio Enrique, per Jesse Sanchez of

Dominican shortstop Eddys Leonard signed for a reported $200,000, per Badler. The other bonuses are not known, but any signing bonus above $10,000 counts towards the total.

Their total bonus pool — now a hard cap with the new collective bargaining agreement — is $4.75 million plus whatever amount they received from the Orioles on Sunday for minor league pitcher Jason Wheeler.

Starting with the next international period, which begins on July 2, 2018, the Dodgers will not be limited on individual bonuses.

Of these 26 players, 19 are from the Dominican Republic. One is from Aruba — outfielder Mayron Cathalina. Here is an interview during his tryout with the Dodgers, from February:

Another prospect, outfielder Rushenten Tomsjansen, is from Curacao, and left-handed pitcher Andrew Budier is from Nicaragua.

I don’t have birthdates for all of these players, but most are 16 or 17, which means they were born in the 2000s, so before we all feel super old let’s just see the list of names.

Dodgers 2017-18 international signings

Pos Player Country
Pos Player Country
C Jenderson Jardines Venezuela
SS Yhostin Chirinos Venezuela
SS Eddys Leonard Dominican Republic
SS Vladimir Perez Dominican Republic
SS Amin Valdez Dominican Republic
IF Randy Rodriguez Dominican Republic
IF Jesus Valdez Dominican Republic
IF Jorbit Vivas Venezuela
OF Mayron Cathalina Aruba
OF Julio Enrique Cuba
OF Jimmie Feliz Dominican Republic
OF Gorge Heredia Dominican Republic
OF Brayan Rodriguez Dominican Republic
OF Rushenten Tomsjansen Curacao
OF Imanol Vargas Dominican Republic
RHP Jeffry Abreu Dominican Republic
RHP Axel Acevedo Dominican Republic
RHP Jonathan Alvarez Dominican Republic
LHP Andrew Budier Nicaragua
RHP Jeisson Cabrera Dominican Republic
RHP Darlin Camilo Dominican Republic
RHP Daniel Cruz Dominican Republic
RHP Carlos De Los Santos Dominican Republic
LHP Benony Robles Dominican Republic
RHP Martin Santana Dominican Republic
RHP Jonathan Vasquez Dominican Republic