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Classic episodes of Family Feud to feature the 1988 Dodgers on BUZZR

On Sunday, July 9th as a lead-in to the 2017 All-Star game, BUZZR will be airing a selection of vintage game show episodes featuring some of the biggest names in MLB history. The network will be airing a series of episodes of Family Feud from 1988 featuring the Oakland A’s taking on the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The episodes were shot following the two teams facing off in an epic World Series earlier that year. Game 1 of the series included a come from behind, walk-off home run by Kirk Gibson off of Dennis Eckersley (who is featured in our Feud episodes).

In addition to Eckersley, our Family Feud episodes also include A’s pitchers, Dave Stewart, Bob Welch and Rick Honeycutt, all who previously pitched for the Dodgers. Now that’s a feud! Dodgers players featured include Alejandro Pena, Todd Maulding, Dave Anderson, Rick Dempsey and Mike Davis.

BUZZR channel listings include:

Time Warner: Channel 1262

Charter: Channel 202

Cox Communications: Channel 807

Frontier:Channel 461

Mediacom: Channel 309

DISH: Channel 245

KCOP via Digital Antenna: Channel 13.2

Additional BUZZR All-Stars programs will include a 1955 episode of What’s My Line? featuring Joe DiMaggio, as well as a 1956 episode featuring the Cincinnati Reds. This was the year that the Reds were attempting to break the record for the most home runs hit by a team in a single season. At the time, the New York Giants held the record for the 1947 season with 221 home runs. The Reds were able to tie this record, but didn’t succeed in beating it.

Quick Facts:

· Sunday, July 9th

· 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm ET with a repeat from 11:00 pm – 6:00 am ET

· What’s My Line episodes featuring guests Joe DiMaggio, the Cincinnati Reds, and Sal Maglie:

o 4:00p – What’s My Line? - Joe DiMaggio (Original Airdate 9/18/55)

o 4:40p – What’s My Line? - Cincinnati Reds (Original Airdate 6/24/56)

o 5:20p – What’s My Line? -  Sal Maglie (Original Airdate 10/7/56) 

§ Former Yankees shortstop Phil Rizzuto is a panelist on the Sal Maglie episode

· Match Game 1978 episodes featuring Don Sutton as a panelist

· Family Feud 1988 episodes featuring the Oakland A’s versus the Los Angeles Dodgers

o A’s Players Include:

§ Bob Welch

§ Dennis Eckersley

§ Mike Gallego

§ Dave Stewart

§ Rick Honeycutt

o Dodgers Players Include:

§ Alejandro Pena

§ Todd Maulding

§ Dave Anderson

§ Rick Dempsey

§ Mike Davis