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All-Star Game caps and jerseys the Dodgers will be wearing

With the All-Star Game upon us, it is time again to look at the different uniforms and caps that the players will wear, with the festivities this year in Miami.

Monday during the workout and Home Run Derby, players will wear jerseys that are inspired by the home-team Marlins. The National League will wear primarily orange jerseys, while the American League will wear primarily jerseys of a teal blue. The team patch is on the sleeve. Here is how the Dodgers’ jerseys will look:

All-Star Game Monday jerseys

More specifically:

(Clayton Kershaw was in the middle of his highly-regimented pregame routine on Sunday and thus not in this photo)

The caps worn on Monday are markedly different than each club’s normal cap. These are all Marlins-infused, so every team will wear a black mesh cap with their logo in orange. This is how the Dodgers’ version of that looks:

All-Star Game Monday caps (yikes)

During the All-Star Game on Tuesday, players wear their normal uniforms, though each player will have an All-Star logo on their sleeve, a black-and-gold star with a number in the middle signifying their number of All-Star appearances.

On Tuesday, each team has different caps than normal, “heather colored” as described by MLB:

The All-Star Game caps for Tuesday night.

Believe it or not, there are even special socks made for both the workout day Monday...

Socks for Monday’s workout day and Home Run Derby.

... and for Tuesday’s game:

All-Star Game socks

What a time to be alive.