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Dodgers lineup after the eclipse

Yasiel Puig enjoys the total solar eclipse from PNC Park.
Photo credit: Yasiel Puig on Twitter

The Dodgers took batting practice during Monday’s solar eclipse, the first total eclipse visible in the entire contiguous United States since 1979, before their four-game series against the Pirates.

Some highlights:

Clayton Kershaw threw his simulated game around that time as well.

Starting lineups

Pos Dodgers Pos Pirates
Pos Dodgers Pos Pirates
CF Taylor LF Marte
SS Seager (L) 2B Harrison
3B Turner CF McCutchen
LF Granderson (L) 3B Freese
C Grandal (S) 1B Osuna
RF Puig RF Rodriguez
1B Gonzalez (L) SS Mercer
2B Utley (L) C Stewart
P Wood P Cole
Time: 4:10 p.m. PT TV: SportsNet LA