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Podcast episode 1722: Back in the saddle

2+ months later, we’re back!

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Pittsburgh Pirates
“54-10 in our last 64 games? Come on, really?”
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After a hiatus that was far too long, we are back with a new edition of the True Blue LA podcast. Thanks for your patience during the down time.

The last podcast release date was July 9, when the Dodgers were only a month into their never-lose-a-series streak. The Dodgers’ lead in the National League West was a mere 7½ games over Arizona at that time. Since then, through our time of recording (Tuesday night), the Dodgers are 28-6 and own a 21-game lead in the division.

On this episode we try to fathom just how ridiculous this Dodgers season has been, and how our expectations have shifted throughout the season.

We take a stab at some questions, including who might get added to the 40-man roster in September, what the playoff bullpen and roster might look like, and who our down-ballot picks for team MVP and Cy Young might be.

There is also a shameful brain lock by Eric at Hall & Oates trivia, but overall the good outweighs the bad in this episode. We are glad to be back!

If you have any questions for future podcasts, please send them to, or tweet us at @truebluela or @jacobburch.

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