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Dodgers could shatter franchise mark for homers

Los Angeles Dodgers v New York Mets Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

It only makes sense that in a year when Major League Baseball is on pace to break the record for total home runs in a season, the Dodgers would be after records of their own.

Los Angeles has already hit 156 homers in 2017 which puts them on pace for roughly 232. The franchise record was set in 2000 when the Dodgers clubbed 211 as a team.

There have only been six National League teams in baseball history to reach at least 231 long balls in a season, the latest being the 2007 Brewers.

National League Power Club

Team Year Home Runs
Team Year Home Runs
Astros 2000 249
Rockies 1997 239
Cardinals 2000 235
Giants 2001 235
Braves 2003 235
Cubs 2004 235
Brewers 2007 231

Hitting homers at a significant rate means they come by the bunches. This 2017 Dodgers team has hit at east three in a game 23 times, second only to the Nationals who have done it 25 times.

Cody Bellinger has 30 as a rookie after not being in the big leagues until April 25. Yasiel Puig has already hit a career-high 20 just four days into August. But it’s not just a couple guys doing big damage.

There are already eight Dodgers with at least 10 home runs and there are likely to be two more on that list before it’s all said and done.

2017 Home Run Totals

Player Homers
Player Homers
Bellinger 30
Puig 20
Seager 18
Grandal 14
Taylor 14
Turner 11
Pederson 11
Hernandez 10
Utley 7
Barnes 6
Forsythe 3

The 2004 squad is the only Dodgers team to have at least nine players with 10 or more. That was the year a 25-year-old Adrian Beltre hit 48 during his last season in Los Angeles.

As the Dodgers continue their road trip in New York, the Mets have been on the receiving end of 18 Dodger homers in the five games the two teams have played so far. The Dodgers still have the weekend to add to those totals.