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Dodgers clinch best record in MLB


The Dodgers are have clinched their fifth consecutive National League West division title, and with the best record in baseball have secured home field advantage all the way through the playoffs and World Series as well.

The division was wrapped up on Friday night, with the Dodgers’ win over the Giants at home.

The Dodgers then clinched the best record in the National League on Tuesday, earning a division series matchup against the winner of the NL wild card game, as well as home field advantage through the NLCS.

Best record in baseball

The Astros and Indians both lost on Saturday. The Dodgers won, ensuring they will finish with a better record than both Houston and Cleveland.

Dodgers 103-58 (.640) —
Indians 101-60 (.627) 2 GB
Astros 100-61 (.621) 3 GB

The Dodgers beat the Indians two out of three games in June, so they own the tiebreaker against Cleveland. Should the Dodgers reach the World Series, they would have home field advantage no matter the opponent.

Saturday scores

Dodgers 5, Rockies 3
Red Sox 6, Astros 3
White Sox 2, Indians 1