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Dodgers on the cover of ESPN the Magazine

ESPN The Magazine’s MLB Playoffs Issue will hit newsstands Friday, focusing on some of the biggest storylines in baseball as the regular season wraps up. Two postseason favorites, the Dodgers and Indians, share the spotlight on the cover.

For months, the Dodgers looked like the best team baseball had seen in years and were even on pace to challenge the all-time wins record. But fans don’t know which team they’ll see in the playoffs: the one that won a record 43 of 50 games beginning in early June, or the one that recently dropped 16 of 17, including 11 straight.

The Mag’s senior writer Tim Keown spent time with the team during both streaks to find out how a team builds a winning culture.

The feature includes interviews with manager Dave Roberts and Dodger players Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger and Yasiel Puig.