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Scoring change takes away a double from Logan Forsythe

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Logan Forsythe doubled home three runs in Monday night’s win over the Padres at Dodger Stadium? That was his 20th double of the season, giving the Dodgers eight players with 20 or more on the season, matching their franchise record.

It turns out, that was only the 19th double of the season for Forsythe, thanks to a scoring change that happened in the last few days.

Looking back through the game logs, the play in question happened in the second inning against the Nationals on Sept. 17. Forsythe drove a ball that Michael Taylor nearly tracked down in center field, only to have the ball bounce out of his glove.

The play:

It was initially scored as an RBI double for Forsythe, and the video itself is still labeled as such.

But in the box score and game log, the play is now scored an error.

What does this mean in the grand scheme of things? Well, nothing really. For what it’s worth, Statcast says the ball Forsythe’s batted ball had a 50% chance of being a hit.

Here is what was affected due to the scoring change:

  • Forsythe not only lost a double, but also a hit and an RBI. He’s now hitting .229/.357/.334, instead of .232/.360/.340.
  • That double-turned-error snapped a 35-inning scoreless streak for Stephen Strasburg a. The error didn’t change this, since the run still counted for the Dodgers, but this does mean the run scored was unearned. His ERA today is 2.63, instead of 2.68.
  • The Dodgers now have only seven players with 20 doubles, though with three games remaining can still add to that. Forsythe and Chase Utley are sitting on 19 doubles, and Joc Pederson has 18. Austin Barnes has 15 doubles if you are thinking about some sort of crazy Coors Field weekend push.
  • As a team, the Dodgers now have 306 doubles on the season, and not 307 as we thought after Wednesday night’s game. The franchise record for doubles is 307, set in 2006.