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Rangers hire Chris Woodward as new manager

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The Dodgers will be in the market for a new third-base coach this offseason, after the Rangers announced Saturday they’ve hired Chris Woodward to become their new manager.

The contract runs through the 2021 season, with an option for 2022.

Woodward met with Texas on Thursday during a second round of interviews and apparently made a big impression. The 42-year-old spent the last three seasons with LA as their third-base coach after spending time with the Mariners as their infield coach.

Woodward spent 12 seasons in the majors, playing for the Blue Jays, Mets, Braves, Mariners and Red Sox. He hit .239 with 33 home runs and 191 RBI over the course of his career, and played with Adrian Beltre who could potentially be with the Rangers again in 2019.

This won’t be his first managerial experience. Back in 2016, he managed the New Zealand team while they attempted to qualify for the 2017 World Baseball Classic.

The Rangers were one of two teams with open managerial positions to fill, the other being the Baltimore Orioles. Texas finished the 2018 campaign 67-95, last in the AL West. Woodward replaces Jeff Banister after the Rangers let him go in late September.