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Dodgers reportedly hire Robert Van​ Scoyoc​ as hitting coach

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It appears the Dodgers have found their newest hitting coach. Earlier this month, Turner Ward left LA to become the hitting coach for the Cincinnati Reds, leaving the position available.

According to Pedro Moura of The Athletic, the Dodgers will be hiring Robert Van Scoyoc, the Diamondbacks’ hitting​ strategist, as their new hitting coach. The move has yet to be finalized.

Van Scoyoc, 32, spent last season with Arizona. Prior to that, he spent time with the Dodgers as their hitting consultant. He’s known for re-vamping players’ swings, including slugger J.D. Martinez.

Prior to getting hired by a big-league team, Van Scoyoc worked in Santa Clarita out of a business park.

This move comes one day after the Dodgers hired their new third-base coach, Dino Ebel.