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Kenley Jansen undergoes heart surgery

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MLB: NLCS-Workouts Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Dodgers’ closer Kenley Jansen underwent an ablation procedure Monday in Los Angeles to correct an issue the big man was having with his heart during the regular season.

The procedure, done by Dr. Koonlawee Nademanee, went as expected and Jansen is resting comfortably in the hospital according to the team. The club anticipates Jansen will be ready for Spring Training and available on Opening Day.

“Guys, I’m fine,” Jansen said in a video he posted to social media after it was all done. “The anesthesia is finally out of my system. I’m doing good. Enjoying the Christmas spirit. We’ll see you guys soon in 2019, stronger than ever.”

The 31-year-old suffered a scare in August, with an atrial fibrillation episode in Denver due to high altitudes that triggered an irregular heartbeat. Jansen skipped a return trip to Colorado in September after his cardiologist advised against it.

After going through a similar procedure after the 2012 season, Jansen is familiar with the recovery process. Going in, he knew it could take between two and eight weeks to get going post-procedure. With the good news today, it looks like the number of weeks will be closer to the shorter estimate.