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Dodgers 2018 salaries for Corey Seager, Cody Bellinger & other pre-arbitration players

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PHOENIX — The Dodgers have contracts for all of their pre-arbitration players on the 40-man roster, with shortstop Corey Seager earning $605,000 and Cody Bellinger $585,000.

Their contracts were renewed, per the Associated Press, which means the team and player couldn’t come to an agreement. Players have very limited rights before they are eligible for salary arbitration and teams can, and quite often do, simply impose whatever salary they see fit.

The club also renewed the contracts of Chris Taylor and Austin Barnes, per the AP. The rest of the players all agreed to terms.

These players are all on split contracts, with both a major league and minor league salary. The salaries are earned on a pro-rated share of their time on each side. The major league season lasts 187 days and the minor league year lasts 153 days.

The major league minimum salary in 2018 is $545,000. The minor league minimum is $88,900 for those players who have been on a 40-man roster before. For players on their first major league contract, like Dennis Santana for instance, the minor league minimum is $44,500.

Here are the known salaries for several Dodgers, along with their major league service time to date, including the major league salaries of Brock Stewart and Rob Segedin per Ken Gurnick of We don’t yet have salaries for Trayce Thompson, Tim Locastro, Julio Urias, Walker Buehler, Henry Owens, Edward Paredes nor J.T. Chargois.

2018 Dodgers salaries

Player Service time MLB salary Minors salary
Player Service time MLB salary Minors salary
Corey Seager 2.032 $605,000 $287,500
Cody Bellinger 0.160 $585,000 $233,900
Chris Taylor 2.031 $575,000 $254,100
Adam Liberatore 2.086 $565,000 $247,400
Austin Barnes 1.124 $555,000 $270,000
Ross Stripling 1.112 $555,000 $256,100
Scott Alexander 1.097 $555,000 $258,100
Andrew Toles 1.087 $555,000 $270,000
Rob Segedin 1.038 $555,000 unknown
Brock Stewart 1.007 $555,000 unknown
Wilmer Font 0.085 $550,000 $88,900
Kyle Farmer 0.046 $547,500 $88,900
Alex Verdugo 0.031 $547,500 $88,900
Dylan Baker 0.031 $547,500 $88,900
Dennis Santana 0.000 $545,000 $44,500

I won’t fully dive back into this until the opening day roster is set, but these salaries don’t materially affect the Dodgers’ competitive balance tax situation all that much. The estimates for the roster placeholders I had came in at roughly $25,000 less than the actual salaries for those spots.