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Vin Scully is back for opening day ... in a charcoal commercial

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We are coming up on the start of Year 2 without Vin Scully calling games, so let’s enjoy this brief glimpse of the legendary Dodgers announcer as a palate cleanser for opening day.

Scully opens a commercial for Kingsford Charcoal, celebrating the fact that we are down to just one opening day in 2018 with all 30 teams in action on Thursday, March 29 after decades of MLB spreading out the opening of the season over multiple days.

The ad opens with Scully on the phone: “I think it’s a great idea, commissioner. It used to be opening day, not opening days.”

Then Scully stands up from his desk and tells a group of players, “Hot dog! Opening day is back! Go out and tell it to the world guys.”

The commercial proceeds to show Johnny Bench, David Ortiz and Noah Syndergaard engaged in some activity encouraging fans to take March 29 off and celebrate the day by grilling (the fan Ortiz speaks with has the best reaction).

But the highlight is Scully. It’s always fun to hear his voice, so enjoy.