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The 2018 MLB special event & holiday caps are here

Your 2018 special event & holiday caps

PHOENIX — Two days after the Dodgers and every other team in MLB wore green caps for St. Patrick’s Day, the league introduced the various special event caps and jerseys for various dates throughout the season.

My feelings on these are pretty clear, and probably tiresome at this point, but the abridged version is that the Dodgers should wear blue “LA” caps and that is all. However I realize I am in the majority, and everyone likes what they like. Plus the proceeds from these caps and jersey sales will be donated to charity so to each their own.

Without further ado here are the 2018 special event caps and jerseys:

Jackie Robinson Day

On April 15 every uniformed player and coach will wear No. 42 throughout baseball. This is not new. But what is new in 2018 is a Jackie Robinson logo that will be on the side of all the caps, plus special hooded fleeces and socks as well. Per MLB all licensed royalties from these items will go to the Jackie Robinson Foundation.

Mother’s Day

On May 13 it’s time to bust out the pink, with every team wearing pink caps in addition to a pink ribbon placed on every jersey. The proceeds here go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer.

Memorial Day Weekend

From May 26-28, teams will wear camouflage caps and jerseys with camouflage incorporated somehow. For the Dodgers that means dark green numbers, names and “Dodgers” on the front. Proceeds here go to MLB Charities.

Father’s Day

June 17 will be just like Mother’s Day here but light blue instead of pink, including the ribbons on the jerseys. The charities here are the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Stand Up To Cancer.

Independence Day Weekend

From July 2-4 this will be like Memorial Day but instead of camo we get lots of stars & stripes. MLB charities is the cause here, which is “used to support programs for service men and women, veterans and military families.” As an added feature, the underside of the cap bills went all constitutional on us.