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Dodgers minor league teams take part in ‘Copa de la Diversión’

PHOENIX — The Dodgers have three affiliates among the 33 teams taking part in “Copa de la Diversión” in 2018, an effort across minor league baseball to celebrate diversity and the Hispanic heritage in various markets.

This is a very detailed and thoughtful project, much more than simply slapping “Los” before each participating team name. As MiLB described it, “Each participating team created culturally-relevant on-field personas that honor their respective U.S. Hispanic/Latino communities.”

Photo: MiLB
Photo: MiLB

Spread throughout the season, the participating teams will wear special caps and uniforms, and in many cases will have relevant live entertainment and special food items to celebrate the event.

Triple-A Oklahoma CIty

The OKC Dodgers for nine games will play as “Cielo Azul de Oklahoma City,” with a name (translation: “Blue Sky”) derived from a trio of factors:

Incorporating the color blue as part of the Dodgers organization.

The vibrancy of Oklahoma’s blue skies, and the breadth of the diversity of Hispanic/Latino culture that resides under those skies.

A tribute to Dodgers legend Fernando Valenzuela, who looked up at the sky during his windup.

“Thanks to the input of key members of the local Hispanic/Latino community, we were able to develop an identity that was inclusive of several cultures and provided an emotional connection for Hispanic/Latino fans,” said team president and general manager Michael Byrnes.

Oklahoma City will not only play home games as Cielo Azul, but will also play a road game in Omaha as well. As such, they have both a home and road cap.

The interlocking “CA” on the cap has elements of the Dodgers’ “LA” caps, and with colors very similar to the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, these items should sell quite well. OKC broadcaster Alex Freedman tweeted out some other shots of these uniforms as well:


May 31-June 3 vs. Omaha (Cazadores de Tormentas)
June 21 at Omaha
July 27-30 vs. El Paso Chihuahuas (they didn’t even have to change their name)

Double-A Tulsa

The Drillers will play some games as the Petroleros (translation: “Oilmen”).

Image: Tulsa Drillers


Tulsa will play as the Petroleros for every Tuesday home game beginning in mid-June:

June 19 vs. Springfield
July 17 vs. Arkansas
July 24 vs. Springfield
Aug. 14 vs. Corpus Christi (Raspas, which translates as “snow cones”)
Aug. 28 vs. NW Arkansas

Class-A Rancho Cucamonga

The Quakes for this promotion will become the Rancho Cucamonga Temblores, which translates to quakes. I haven’t seen the jersey yet but this GIF has the hat (a simple “T” replacing the normal “Q”) and the logo:


Rancho Cucamonga will wear these for every Sunday home game starting in mid-June:

June 10 vs. Inland Empire (San Bernardino Cucuys)
June 24 vs. San Jose (Gigantes)
July 1 vs. Inland Empire
July 22 vs. Modesto
Aug. 12 vs. Lancaster
Sept. 2 vs. Inland Empire