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Freeway Series history between the Dodgers and Angels

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Nomo & Hasegawa
Japanese pitchers Shigetosghi Hasegawa of the Angels and Hideo Nomo of the Dodgers get together before a Freeway Series game in Anaheim. Nomo won the Lefty Phillips Award as the top pitcher in the series in 1996.

The Dodgers are back in California and will open the Freeway Series on Sunday night against the Angels. The first game in in Anaheim followed by a pair of games at Dodger Stadium.

The Angels lead the all-time Freeway Series exhibitions 69-49-5. The teams picket fenced last season with one win apiece and one tie.

This marks the 48th year the Dodgers and Angels will have played at least one exhibition game against one another. It was a tradition that began in 1962, the second year of the Angels’ existence, with a single game in Palm Springs, the Angels’ first spring home.

The Halos won that 1962 game, then won two games each in the next two years at Dodger Stadium, at the time both teams’ shared regular season home. There was no Freeway Series from 1965-68, but the series resumed in 1969.

Dodgers Freeway Series record

Years Overall in Anaheim
Years Overall in Anaheim
1960s 1-6 1-0
1970s 14-11 7-5
1980s 13-14 7-7
1990s 12-14 5-8
2000s 4-9-3 2-5-2
2010s 5-15-2 1-9
Totals 49-69-5 23-34-2

There were other skipped years in 1972 and 1980, and the clubs didn’t play from 2000-02. But since 2003 the series has resumed annually.

The Dodgers actually had a winning record in Freeway Series games in Anaheim (22-20) through 2003, but then went 16 games over 14 years without a win, going 0-14-2 until a victory at Angel Stadium last season.

It is important to note the obvious, that none of these games matter. They are still exhibition games after all. And while the novelty and tradition of facing the Halos might have lost some luster since interleague play added regular season meetings for the last 21 seasons, the annual spring training dessert is still kind of fun.

It’s a nice return home after a long spring training, a perfect palate cleanser right before the regular season.

2018 Freeway Series schedule

Angel Stadium
Sunday, 6:07 p.m. (SportsNetLA, Fox Sports West)

Dodger Stadium
Monday, 7:10 p.m. (SportsNet LA, Prime Ticket)
Tuesday, 7:10 p.m. (SportsNet LA, KCOP 13)