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Yasiel Puig announces partnership with the City of San Fernando

The Wild Horse Children’s Foundation, led by Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, Yasiel Puig, has announced its commitment to a partnership with the City of San Fernando to refurbish Pioneer Park and implement a community facility.

The renovation will see upgrades to the baseball field and playground equipment, as well as space devoted to hosting nutrition workshops.

“I’ve had this idea to create baseball fields for children and their families, not just to play sports but to get what they need like water, healthy snacks, and learn other things to improve their life,” said Puig. “I want to give the opportunity that I did not have in Cuba to other children because I believe they are the hope of the world and we have to dedicate time to them.”

Volunteers from California State University at Northridge will lead programs for physical health and wellness, mental health counseling, and other programs designed to benefit children and encourage their families to live healthier, well-rounded lives. The facility will also provide educational resources for adults through programs for financial literacy, ESL, citizenship and life coaching.

Yasiel Puig has also pledged $1,000 for every home run he hits through the remainder of this regular season to go towards this project. Fans can join him by making a pledge of their own for a chance to win exclusive prizes at