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KTLA reporter makes mistake on live television

KTLA reporter David Pingalore set out to do a live interview at Dodger Stadium Monday night as the Dodgers take on the visiting Rockies. Pingalore grabbed who he thought was outfielder Carlos Gonzalez to do said interview.

As it turned out, the player he had in front of him wasn’t Gonzalez.

As Pingalore told the viewers that he goes way back with Gonzalez, a confused Noel Cuevas had to be the one to break the news to Pingalore while the cameras were rolling.

“But I’m not Carlos,” Cuevas said as he laughed his way off the screen. The shocked reporter quickly took a glance at the back of the jersey to confirm his name in disbelief.

I guess the number 5 and 56 can be mistaken if you’re looking too quickly.