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Cody Bellinger appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live, says teammate didn’t know about no-hitter

It would be hard to believe that a major league baseball player would be unaware that his team tossed a no-hitter while he was sitting in the dugout. But that’s what Cody Bellinger says happened with one of his Dodgers’ teammates Friday in Mexico.

Bellinger appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday night and revealed one of the Dodgers didn’t know that the team had combined for the franchises 23rd no-hitter until the team was walking to the locker room — although he wouldn’t spill the beans on who it was.

Among other things, Bellinger talked about his breakfast routine everyday. Apparently he heads down to IHOP every morning he is in Los Angeles and gets the Banana and Nutella Crepe, bacon, hashbrowns and two over-medium eggs.

The 22-year-old takes a scooter because he can’t parallel park so keep your eyes peeled if you’re near an IHOP when the Dodgers are in town.