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The top 200 MLB Draft prospects

NCAA Baseball: College World Series-Florida vs LSU
LSU center fielder Zach Watson is ranked as the No. 39 prospect heading into the draft by our David Hood.
Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Draft is now two days away, and I feel that I have put together my most comprehensive draft list to date. As video continues to be more readily available on players in college and high school spring seasons, I have managed to take a look at most every major name on any national draft list to compile my own. Additionally, I have been able to work more collegiate names into the bottom half of this list to avoid filling the final 200 with raw prep names that aren’t likely to sign.

One of my biggest observations this year on the 2018 class is that the curveball is back in a big way. It starts with Carter Stewart, the top prep pitcher in this year’s crop, but you can find plus curves getting selected throughout day two. With the heavy emphasis on spin, you will see less sinker-slider guys this time and more straighter four-seam to overhand curve guys. Naturally, this is likely to be cyclical, and teams will find a reason to bring back the big running sinker.

This is the deepest class I have evaluated in doing the top 200, and though the very top might not be heavy in bonafide stars, there is ample depth of high upside prepsters and quick moving collegans. The college pitching class is especially deep in first day selections that both have big stuff and solid performances. Casey Mize tops my list, like most lists, but I don’t necessarily see ace in his profile, so I can see why Detroit might be open to exploring other options. At the end of the day, he is probably the safest big league arm at the top of the draft, so he heads a list with no surefire superstar.

If this class has a weakness, I would suggest it would be at shortstop, where the top prep Brice Turang fits better in the back third of the first round, and the top collegian (assuming a team doesn’t try Nick Madrigal at the position) is Jeremy Eierman, who might profile better at second or third. Most of the collegiate shortstops in the top half of the board are better fits at second, so it’s not a great year if you need quick moving help at the position.

Though not quite up to last season’s numbers, this class has plenty of 70 to 80 grade speedsters, though most of them this year can’t add power to the equation like some of the prepsters last year. Additionally, the catching class tends to leave you picking defense or offense, with few offering both.

I will address more Dodger specific talent when I release my 10-round mock this weekend, but the Dodgers should still be able to add meaningful talent to the system despite not picking until 30th overall, and having no additional picks in the sandwich or compensation rounds.

With that said, here is my current top 200, with the chance for a slight revision by Monday if any new information arises. The biggest name not on this list might be Indiana Hoosier RHP Jonathan Stiever, who I could not find film on, but he’s considered a 3rd-6th round arm. I’ve also chosen to leave RHP Mike Vasil on my list despite his withdrawal from the draft for future referencing. If you have any questions about the list or the players, feel free to ask.

Top 200 Draft prospects

Rank Name School Position Overall Risk Ceiling Pros Cons
Rank Name School Position Overall Risk Ceiling Pros Cons
1 Casey Mize Auburn RHP 70 60 65 modern stuff, +SPL, excellent command, production FB velo average to slightly above, ceiling more #2
2 Nick Madrigal Oregon State 2B 70 60 65 ++ feel for hit, strong track record, smooth athlete atypical size and projection, likely 2B only
3 Shane McClanahan South Florida LHP 70 50 70 elite K production, chance for 3 + pitches shown fatigue concern, not projectable
4 Carter Stewart Eau Gallie HS RHP 70 50 70 elite spin rates, chance for ++ FB and CV, upside FB command a little raw, needs 3rd pitch
5 Jarred Kelenic Waukesha West HS CF 70 50 70 chance for 5 tools, + arm, run, and hit, bat speed not as physically projectable as peers, exposure
6 Kumar Rocker North Oconee HS RHP 65 50 70 huge frame, easy velo, + tight SL with big K potential incon. mechanics, FB a little true, poss. reliever
7 Joey Bart Georgia Tech C 65 50 65 + raw power, arm strength, should stick at C swing and miss potential, just avg receiving rep
8 Logan Gilbert Stetson RHP 65 55 60 elite K production, 3 pitch mix, upside in frame FB velo wavers, no out and out + present pitch
9 Cole Winn Orange Lutheran HS RHP 65 55 60 good feel for spin, pitchability, repeatable mechanics ceiling more a good #3 or #2 than #1, avg projectability
10 Nolan Gorman O'Connor HS 3B/1B 65 50 65 loud contact, chance for + to ++ pop, physicality avg athlete, some swing and miss concern
11 Alec Bohm Wichita State 3B/1B 65 50 65 good all around hitter, + power production, projectable iffy infield actions and footwork, may outgrow 3B
12 Brady Singer Florida RHP 60 60 60 easy arm strength, + SNK, consistency, high floor avg secondaries, upside more #3 than #2, K potential
13 Travis Swaggerty South Alabama CF 60 55 60 chance for 5 tools, above avg pop, speed, production no outright + tool, some swing and miss concern
14 Matthew Liberatore Mountain Ridge HS LHP 60 50 65 4 pitch mix, good pitchability, physical upside no outright + offering, more upper #3 upside
15 Ethan Hankins Forsyth Central HS RHP 60 40 70 easy velo w/ + life on FB, projectable build inconsistent secondaries, arm heavy mechanics, health
16 Jonathan India Florida 3B/2B 60 55 60 huge jr. production, positional utility, game power limited physical proj., some swing and miss concern
17 Ryan Rolison Ole Miss LHP 60 45 65 good K production, CV flashes +, 3 pitch mix iffy command, doesn't supress hits like stuff suggests
18 Connor Scott Plant HS CF/RF 60 45 65 highly projectable, fluid athlete, feel for hit, speed swing might need retooling for pop, still raw
19 Jackson Kowar Florida RHP 60 45 65 + velo, +CH, still upside, easy arm strength projection over production, fringe BB, command avg
20 JT Ginn Brandon HS RHP 60 40 65 power arm, + to ++ FB, chance for + CV and CH smallish frame, still some effort in delivery, relief ?
21 Jordyn Adams Green Hope HS CF 55 40 70 huge upside, twitchy and fluid, bat speed, pop still raw offensively, potential signability ?
22 Trevor Larnach Oregon State LF/RF 55 50 60 excellent frame, + power potential, solid production avg athlete, likely LF, some swing and miss concern
23 Jeremy Eierman Missouri State SS/2B/3B 55 45 60 good raw pop for IF, solid athlete, game speed swing and miss concern, inconsistent track record
24 Jordan Groshans Magnolia HS 3B 55 40 65 good size, athleticism, solid INF actions, pop, bat speed some swing and miss ?, swing length can be issue
25 Alek Thomas Mount Carmel HS CF 55 50 55 excellent hitting profile, bat speed and barrel control two way athlete, signability, not as projectable as peers
26 Mason Denaburg Merritt Island HS RHP 55 40 65 athletic, + feel for spin, chance for + FB, upside upper body a bit stiff mechanically, injury ?, relief ?
27 Griffin Roberts Wake Forest RHP 55 50 55 excellent K production, easy + SL, chance for + FB might end up in relief, velo not always +
28 Brice Turang Santiago HS SS 55 45 60 solid feel for hit, should stick at SS, speed small framed, ? on power potential, avg bat speed
29 Ryan Weathers Loretto HS LHP 55 50 55 3 pitch mix and good pitchability, SNK on FB not projectable, more solid #3, no true + pitch
30 Will Banfield Brookwood HS C 55 45 60 defensive rep, arm strength, chance for + pop mechanically a bit stiff, swing and miss ?
31 Grayson Rodriguez Central Heights HS RHP 55 40 65 power 2 pitch arsenal, feel for spin, huge frame limited exposure, will need to watch his size
32 Nander De Sedas Montverde Academy SS/3B 55 40 65 big upside, easy + arm, chance for + pop as SH might outgrow SS, swing and miss concern, raw
33 Kyler Murray Oklahoma CF 55 30 70 elite athlete, 80 game speed, loud bat, upside serious signability ?, two way athlete, still raw
34 Greyson Jenista Wichita State RF/LF/1B 55 40 60 Cape standout, chance for + pop, good athlete still raw for collegian, checkered production, k issues
35 Parker Meadows Grayson HS CF 55 40 60 chance for 5 tools, + run and arm, leverage in swing timing inconsistencies, swing and miss concerns
36 Cole Wilcox Heritage HS RHP 55 45 55 lively stuff, FB, CH, SL all flash +, good frame inconsistent mechanics, release, #3 upside
37 Mike Vasil Boston College HS RHP 55 40 60 projectable build, good arm strength, chance for + CV pulled name from draft, injury ?, exposure
38 Anthony Seigler Cartersville HS C 55 45 55 excellent defensive rep, smooth swing, athleticism for C ? on overall power potential, not as projectable as peers
39 Zach Watson Louisiana State CF 50 45 55 excellent bat speed, + speed, defensive rep in CF thin build, not as projectable, leverage as soph.
40 Tim Cate UConn LHP 50 50 55 excellent K production, good pitchability, + CV likely #4 upside, fringy velo, not projectable
41 Durbin Feltman TCU RHP 50 50 55 excellent production, huge K potential, + FB and SL relief only prospect, undersized, not projectable
42 Tanner Dodson California RHP 50 40 60 excellent athlete, explosive life on FB, upside limited mound exposure, possibly relief only
43 Kyle Bradish New Mexico State RHP 50 50 50 4 pitch mix, + CV, chance for + FB, CT, K production avg to fringe command, might profile more in relief
44 Dylan Coleman Missouri State RHP 50 45 55 excellent K production, easy + velo, sharpe slider effort in delivery, FB can be true, poss. reliever
45 Jeremiah Jackson St. Luke's Episcopal HS SS/2B 50 40 60 athletic, excellent frame, bat speed, chance for pop a little raw in INF, arm bar, swing and miss concern
46 Kyle Isbel UNLV CF/2B 50 45 55 good athlete, loft in swing, should hit for above avg pop uneven track record, some swing and miss concern
47 Steele Walker Oklahoma RF/LF 50 45 55 solid hitting track record, developing game pop bit of a tweener OFer, some swing and miss concern
48 Jake McCarthy Virginia CF/RF/LF 50 45 55 good feel for hit, solid overall athlete, speed possible a tweener/4OF, needs a swing tweak for pop
49 Adam Kloffenstein Magnolia HS RHP 50 40 60 excellent frame, chance for solid SL and CV short arm delivery, ceiling might ultimately be #3
50 Tristan Pompey Kentucky CF/LF 50 45 55 good size/athleticism combo, career production, hit swing and miss potential, should show better pop
51 Garrett Wade Hartselle HS LHP 50 40 60 lively stuff, good athlete, chance for + CV fringy velo at present, smallish frame
52 Noah Naylor St. Joan of Arc SS C/1B 50 40 60 LD swing, reputation for hitting, chance for + pop defensive home, not a projectable build
53 Kris Bubic Stanford LHP 50 50 50 deceptive, good career production, fade on CH lower ceiling than peers, velo concerns
54 Triston Casas American Heritage HS 1B 50 40 60 + raw power, power production on circuit, good arm limited defensively, serious swing and miss, bat speed
55 Grant Little Texas Tech LF/RF/2B 50 50 50 good feel for hit, career production, utility, solid athlete no outright + tool, ? on overall power ceiling
56 Nick Decker Seneca HS LF/RF 50 45 55 good feel for hit, chance for above avg pop, bat speed not as projectable as peers, avg athlete for OF corner
57 Owen White Jesse Carson HS RHP 50 40 60 live arm, 3 pitch mix, chance for + CV and CH present velo avg to fringe, considered a tough sign
58 Seth Beer Clemson LF/1B/DH 50 40 60 huge career power production, approach, frame serious swing and miss, defensive home
59 Braxton Ashcraft Robinson HS RHP 50 35 60 big upside, projectable and athletic, chance for + SNK fringy present velo, SNK-SL arm slot, raw for pro game
60 Tristan Beck Stanford RHP 50 40 55 still projectable, solid control, will flash + CV long injury history, lower ceiling than peers, K production
61 Blaine Knight Arkansas RHP 50 45 50 productive, high spin SL and CV, pitchability thin build, not projectable, #3 - #4 ceiling
62 Mike Siani Willaim Penn Charter HS CF 50 40 55 fluid athlete, speed, defensive rep, feel for hit not as projectable as peers, ? on power potential
63 Trey Riley John A Logan CC RHP 50 45 50 athletic and fluid delivery, chance for + SL more of a relief profile, can lose low arm slot
64 Austin Becker Big Walnut HS RHP 50 40 55 3 pitch mix, some feel for spin, projectable build possibly tough sign, stuff may not be pro ready
65 Nick Sandlin Southern Mississippi RHP 50 45 50 elite K production, good competitor, tough on RHH sidearmer, likely relief profile, fringe avg velo
66 Sean Hjelle Kentucky RHP 50 45 50 SEC production, 3 pitch mix, feel for spin track record of tall pitchers, low/avg ceiling
67 Gage Canning Arizona State CF/RF 50 45 50 excellent production, game speed, feel for hit, avg pop swing and miss concerns, not projectable
68 Griffin Conine Duke RF 50 40 55 + to ++ raw power, good power production, arm serious swing and miss, long swing, corner only
69 Nico Hoerner Stanford SS/2B 50 45 50 soft hands, solid INF actions, feel for hit, track record lower ceiling, possible utility upside, ? on pop
70 Lenny Torres Jr Beacon HS RHP 50 40 55 quick arm, chance for + FB and sweeping SL incon. mechanics, upper body stiffness, reliief profile
71 Gunnar Hoglund Dayspring Christian HS LHP 50 45 50 excellent feel for pitching, chance for + FB, frame ceiling might be closer to #3, avg secondaries
72 Tyler Frank Florida Atlantic SS/2B 50 50 45 good feel for hit, chance for avg pop, production avg athlete, defensive home, poss. utility upside
73 Austin Cox Mercer LHP 50 45 50 excellent feel for spin, +CV, K production fringe avg velo, relief candidate, not dominant
74 Blaze Alexander IMG Academy HS SS 50 40 55 elite arm, good defensive instincts, solid athlete ? on overall offensive ceiling, bars out, stiff swing
75 Xavier Edwards North Broward HS SS/2B 50 40 55 good athlete, speed, should stay in IF, quick hands bat has little loft or pop, limited offensive ceiling
76 Nick Northcut Mason HS 3B 50 45 50 excellent barrell control znd feel for hit, arm strength fringe athlete, might outgrow 3B, not projectable
77 Colton Eastman Cal State Fullerton RHP 50 45 50 feel for pitching, + CH, chance for + CV, track record fringe velo, #4 or #5 ceiling, not projectable
78 Lyon Richardson Jensen Beach HS RHP 50 40 55 quick arm, + FB, repeatable delivery, athletic slurvy BB, possible reliever, could be tough sign
79 Luken Baker TCU 1B/DH 50 40 55 excellent power production, has shown some feel for hit poor athlete, likely DH, injury history
80 DaShawn Kiersey Utah CF 50 35 55 excellent feel for hit, speed production, good athlete lingering hip injury concerns, flat bat plane, pop
81 Joe Gray Jr. Hattiesburg HS RF/CF 50 35 55 excellent frame, ++ arm, good defensive rep, pop swing and miss concerns, noisey set-up, raw
82 Cadyn Grenier Oregon State SS/2B 50 45 45 smooth IF actions, good speed, should stick at SS ? on overall offensive ceiling, possible UTIL upside
83 Trey Dillard San Jacinto JC RHP 50 35 55 lively arm, + velo on FB, easy + CV, K production poor command, not projectable, likely reliever
84 Zack Hess Louisiana State RHP 50 40 50 good arm strength, excellent frame, SL will flash + below avg command, likely a pro reliever
85 Josh Breaux McLennan CC C/RHP 50 35 55 chance for + power, good production, athletic, ++ arm prefers C over RHP, not projectable, below avg def. rep
86 Nick Schnell Roncalli HS CF/RF/LF 50 35 55 loose, lanky athlete, some feel for hit, upside might be too raw for pro game, some swing and miss
87 Landon Marceaux Destrehan HS RHP 45 40 55 feel for spin, chance for + CV and CH, pitchability signability, velo currently fringe, not as projectable
88 Jameson Hannah Dallas Baptist CF 45 45 50 decent track record, feel for hit, above avg speed not projectable, fringe pop, possible 4th OF
89 Jake Wong Grand Canyon U RHP 45 45 50 will flash + FB and above avg CV, production profiles better in relief, bottom rotation upside
90 Hogan Harris Louisiana-Lafayette LHP 45 45 50 good SNK, tough on LHH, career production, K pot might profile better as LH reliever, fringe velo
91 Grant Lavigne Bedford HS 1B 45 40 55 raw power, good athlete for his size, decent bat speed not projectable, likely 1B only as he matures, exposure
92 Josiah Gray Le Moine RHP 45 45 50 loose, easy arm strength, tight SL, chance for + FB likely relief profile, not projectable, short track record
93 Konnor Pilkington Mississippi State LHP 45 50 45 3 pitch mix, durable build, above avg CV no true + pitch, #4 or #5 ceiling, velo can be fringe
94 Matt Mercer Oregon RHP 45 45 50 decent track record, arm strength, 3 avg pitches likely reliever, FB a little true, a little HR prone
95 Elijah Cabell TNXL Academy HS CF 45 35 55 loud tools, chance for + pop, run, and arm, upside serious swing and miss, hit tool may not be pro ready
96 Jayson Schroeder Juanita HS RHP 45 40 50 good feel for pitching, athletic, above avg SNK not as projectable as peers, no outright + pitch, relief ?
97 Daniel Lynch Virginia LHP 45 45 45 solid 3 pitch mix, some deception in del., jr K rate no pitch is +, fringe velo, more low rotation upside
98 Braydon Fisher Clear Falls HS RHP 45 35 55 lively arm, projectable, will flash above avg CV a little raw for the pro game, effort in delivery
99 Matt McLain Beckman HS SS 45 40 50 well rounded skill set, should stick at SS, feel for hit body not projectable, no standout plus tool
100 Jeremy Pena Maine SS 45 45 45 good defensive rep, smooth athlete, game speed swing and miss ?, timing in swing, ceiling
101 Aaron Ashby Crowder JC LHP 45 35 55 excellent feel for spin, + K potential, upside some command issues, exposure, velo avg
102 Slade Cecconi Trinity HS RHP 45 35 55 projectable frame, solid upside, lively arm, good FB possible tough sign, limited exposure, injury ?
103 Brett Hansen Foothill HS LHP 45 40 50 projectable, chance for + FB, some feel for spin signability, possibly raw for the pro game
104 Lawrence Butler Westlake HS RF/LF 45 35 55 big upside, outstanding leverage, raw hit tool considered raw for the pro game, swing and miss
105 Kody Clemens Texas 2B 45 40 50 loud jr year, chance for + pop from 2B, bat speed age, poor defensive rep, track record not long
106 Osiris Johnson Encinal HS SS 45 35 55 projectable defensive tools, excellent athlete, future pop pretty raw offensively, incon. swing mechanics
107 Cole Sands Florida State RHP 45 45 45 above avg SL, solid career K production, durable velo varies from avg to fringe, low rotation/relief upside
108 Raynell Delgado Calvary Christian HS 3B/2B 45 40 50 switch hit with good pop, solid athlete, LH bat speed avg bat speed from RH, fringe avg arm, not projectable
109 Mitchell Kilkenny Texas A&M RHP 45 45 45 4 pitch mix, soldi career production, above avg SL velo is fringe avg, low rotation upside, K potential
110 Alex McKenna Cal Poly LF/CF/RF 45 45 45 good feel for hit, career production, short and quick bat overall power ceiling, more 4th OF type
111 DJ Artis Liberty CF 45 40 50 excellent production, speed, fluid swing, athletic undersized, team will need to retool setup, pop ?
112 Ryan Olenek Ole Miss 2B/3B 45 45 45 good feel for hit, barrel control, good athlete game pop, thin and lanky build, poss. utiliity upside
113 Jaden Hill Ashdown HS RHP 45 40 50 good athlete, projectable, good FB-CH combo SL needs work, poss. 2 sport player, injury ?
114 Simeon Woods-Richardson Kempner HS RHP 45 40 50 projectable build, smooth athlete, some feel for spin velo improving but may not be pro ready, raw for pros
115 Nick Fortes Ole Miss C 45 45 45 good production, plate discipline, good athlete fringe starter-backup ceiling, possible utility
116 Noah Davis UC Santa Barbara RHP 45 40 50 excellent feel for pitching, 3 pitch mix, upside currently out for TJ surgery, mid rotation upside
117 Jonathan Ornelas Kellis HS SS/2B 45 40 50 loose athleticism, quick bat, solid IF actions some timing/swing and miss ? in swing, avg arm
118 Jake Irvin Oklahoma RHP 45 45 45 good SNK-SL combo, solid career production, K rate velo fringe to avg, low rotation ceiling, poss. reliever
119 Sean Wymer TCU RHP 45 45 45 good feel for spin, competitive, career produciton might profile better in relief, low rotaiton upside
120 Richie Palacios Townson SS/2B 45 45 45 bat speed and swing plane, game pop, good athlete might end up at 2B or utli, body not projectable
121 Luke Heimlich Oregon State LHP 45 45 45 good pitchability, career production, signability convicted sex offender; teams might leave him off draft boards
122 Steve Gingery Texas Tech LHP 45 45 45 excellent production, + to ++ CH, pitchability fringe velo, #5 ceiling, injured w/ torn UCL
123 Aaron Hernandez Texas A&M Corpus Cristi RHP 45 45 45 generates + velo, can be tough on RHH low slot relief candidate, fringe BB, ceiling
124 Adam Hill South Carolina RHP 45 40 45 long levers, good K production, FB tough on RHH might profile better in relief, incon. secondaries
125 Nick Meyer Cal Poly C 40 45 45 excellent defensive rep, barrell control, developing hit overall offensive ceiling, might profile more as backup
126 Nick Dunn Maryland 2B 40 45 45 good hit production, barrel control, game pop average defensive rep, raw pop, speed production
127 Micah Bello Hilo HS CF/RF 40 40 50 fluid athlete, good feel for hit, bat speed not as projectable as peers, ? on defensive home
128 Cody Deason Arizona RHP 40 45 45 excellent CV, career track record, compete level might fit better in relief, stiff mechanically
129 Cal Raleigh Florida State C 40 45 45 good jr production, chance for above avg pop poor defensive rep, some swing and miss, stiff
130 Chandler Champlain Santa Margarita HS RHP 40 40 50 big frame, solid SNK, chance for above average velo fringy secondaries, avg athlete, signability
131 Justin Jarvis Lake Norman HS RHP 40 40 50 projectable build, tough OH slot, developing velo inconsistent CV, body-strength not ready for pro game
132 Robert Neustrom Iowa LF/RF 40 40 50 chance for + power, strong build, solid athlete some swing length, avg defensive rep.
133 Blair Henley Texas RHP 40 40 50 still some upside, above avg SL, good command not dominant, more middleto lower rotation upside
134 Austin Wells Bishop Gorman HS C 40 30 60 big upside, chance for + pop and hit, defensive rep lingering arm injury, will need clean medical, exposure
135 Dominic Pipkin Pinole Valley HS RHP 40 35 55 projectable build, chance for + FB, athletic, upside might be too raw for pro game, fringe secondaries
136 Ryley Gilliam Clemson RHP 40 45 45 power CV, good career production, K potential not projectable, more a breaking ball heavy reliever
137 Johnny Aiello Wake Forest 3B 40 40 50 good power production, bat speed, defensive rep poor jr year, hit tool, swing and miss concern
138 Brett Kinneman North Carolina State RF/LF 40 40 50 game power, raw pop to pull side, solid athlete swing and miss concern, overall hit tool ?
139 Josh Stowers Louisville CF/LF 40 40 50 good production, excellent play speed, feel for hit stiff upper body in swing, ? on defensive home, upside
140 Kameron Guangorena St. John Boscoe HS C 40 40 50 solid athlete for C, good upside, chance for avg pop signability, def considered raw, some swing and miss
141 Jackson Goddard Kansas RHP 40 40 50 good frame, easy velocity, chance for + CH performance doesn't match stuff, command
142 JT Schwartz Corona Del Mar HS 3B 40 40 50 excellent frame, good upside, smooth LH swing signability, ? on overall power potential
143 Isaiah Carranza Asuza Pacific RHP 40 40 50 still projectable, good arm strength, chance for solid SL only FB and SL above fringe, command of FB
144 Alfonso Rivas Arizona LF/1B 40 45 45 excellent feel for hit, career production, chance for pop flat swing plane, not projectable, odd defensive fit
145 Isaiah Campbell Arkansas RHP 40 40 50 good frame, 3 pitch mix, tough overhand slot injury history, avg arm speed, no + pitch, upside
146 Noah Song Navy RHP 40 40 50 big K production, chnce for + FB, still upside signability via Navy commit. prod. against infer. comp.
147 Max Marusak Amarillo HS CF 40 40 50 elite speed, good athlete with + bat speed swing can be too handsy, signability, power potential
148 Bren Spillane Illinois 1B/LF/DH 40 40 50 loud jr year, huge raw power, solid athlete for size defensive home, swing length, bat speed, K potential
149 Sam Bordner Louisville RHP 40 45 45 good career production, pitchability, good size fringe velo, mid relief upside, injury concern
150 Paul Richan San Diego RHP 40 45 45 solid K production, good command of 3 pitches, SL might fit best in middle relief, FB is hittable
151 Nolan Kingham Texas RHP 40 40 50 has flashed + velo, good frame, solid SNK might fit better in relief, stuff going backward
152 Jonathan Childress Forney HS LHP 40 35 50 excellent feel for spin, deceptive, some projectabilty concerns on fringy velo, herky jerky mechanics
153 Grant Witherspoon Tulane CF/LF/RF 40 40 45 solid production, good CF defensive rep, avg pop bars out in swing, overall offensive ceiling, 4th OF
154 CJ Willis Ruston HS C 40 35 50 good arm when healthy, moldable tools, power raw for the pro game, arm injury
155 Ryan Feltner Ohio State RHP 40 40 45 good frame, + FB velo, good CH w/ fade avg career production, better suited in bullpen
156 Luke Bartnicki Walton HS LHP 40 35 50 physical and athletic build, chance for + SNK long arm action, SL needs tightening, signability
157 Charles Mack Williamsburg East HS 3B/2B 40 40 45 bat speed, chance for above avg pop for IF defensive home, not a projectable build, arm bar, hit ?
158 Kerry Wright Montverde Academy HS RHP 40 35 50 good frame, chance for + FB, good arm speed, upside erratic command, incon. release, SL can get loopy
159 Brennen Davis Basha HS CF 40 35 50 long athlete, chance for good CF D, speed body not ready for the pro game, swing stiff
160 Kingston Liniak Mission Hills HS RF/LF 40 35 50 good frame, chance for 5 tools, some feel for hit strength not ready for pro game, no outright + tool
161 Cole Roederer Hart HS CF 40 35 50 good athlete, chance for 5 tools, chance for + pop signability, not as projectable as peers
162 Tarik Skubal Seattle LHP 40 35 50 previous production, good build, FB flashes + poor command at present, might end up in relief
163 Addison Barger King HS 2B/SS 40 35 50 good bat speed, arm for left side of INF, hit tool signability, a little raw for pros, offensive ceiling
164 Kyle Datres North Carolina 3B 40 40 45 solid athlete, still some upside left, good jr. yr production swing can be long, some upper body stiffness
165 Austin Bergner North Carolina RHP 40 35 50 still projectable, + CH, chance for + FB rough mechanics, not always dominant, soph leverage
166 Cole Henry Florence HS RHP 40 40 45 quick arm ,chance for + FB, some projectability fringy secondaries, signability, poss. relief profile
167 Ryan Weiss Wright State RHP 40 45 40 good command, 4 pitch mix, career production bottom of rotation upside, breaking ball heavy stuff
168 Jacob Campbell Craig HS C 40 35 50 good defensive rep, good athlete for C, solid hit limited exposure, ? on overall offensive ceiling
169 Ryder Green Karns HS RF/LF 40 35 50 strong hands, above avg raw pop, solid athlete pulls off plate on swing, swing and miss ? signability
170 Owen Sharts Simi Valley HS RHP 40 35 50 3 pitch mix, good pitchability, chance for + CV no present plus pitch, strength isn't pro ready
171 Taj Bradley Redan HS RHP 40 35 50 good athlete, upside, SL flashes +, lively FB might be raw for pro game, present velo avg to fringe
172 Garrett McDaniels Pee Dee Academy HS LHP 40 35 50 projectable build, good feel for spin, upside raw for pro game, velo is fringe, mid rotation ceiling
173 Mason Englert Forney HS RHP 40 35 50 good feel for spin, highly projectable build, upside body and velo not ready for the pro game
174 Niko Decolati Loyola Maramount SS/3B 40 35 50 good raw power, physical build, good athlete swing and miss, long swing, slower bat speed
175 John Rooney Hofstra LHP 40 40 45 good SL, athletic delivery, K production fringe velo, might fit best has LH reliever
176 Adam Wolf Louisville LHP 40 40 45 good feel for pitching, career production, size fringe velo, likely LH reliever, no true + pitch
177 Jason Bilous Coastal Carolina RHP 40 35 50 live arm, good run on FB, K potential poor command, inconsistent mechanics need rework
178 Drew Rasmussen Oregon State RHP 40 35 50 good when healthy, arm strength, good tumble on CH limited mound time, two TJ surgeries, age
179 Cory Acton American Heritage HS 2B 40 35 50 reputation for hit, good bat speed, chance for avg pop ? on defensive home, physically not ready for pro game
180 Zach Haake Kentucky RHP 40 40 45 3 pitch mix, CH flashes +, SL has above avg potential inconsistent production, might fit best in middle relief
181 Jake Mangum Mississippi State CF 40 40 45 hitting track record, good bat speed, solid CF D rep below avg pop, poss. 4th OF, D repl. upside
182 Davis Martin Texas Tech RHP 40 45 40 career production, compete level, solid pitchability fringe velo, no pitch rating above avg, upside
183 Korey Holland Langham Creek HS CF 40 35 50 good feel for hit, good speed, chance for solid CF D strength not ready for pro game, power ceiling
184 Ford Proctor Rice SS/2B 40 40 45 solid production, soft hands, strong arm swing upper body heavy, avg athlete, upside
185 Levi Kelly IMG Academy HS RHP 40 35 50 good arm strength, depth on SL ,chance for + FB head whack in delivery, raw for pros, poss. reliever
186 Reid Schaller Vanderbilt RHP 40 35 50 arm strength, chance for + to ++ FB, tight SL leverage as fresh. limited mound time, command
187 Andrew Moritz UNC Greensboro CF 40 45 40 career hit production, solid speed and CF D ? on pop, might be a 4th OF or D replacement ceiling
188 Justin Wrobleski Sequoyah HS LHP 40 40 45 3 pitch mix, good feel for pitching, tight SL fringe velo, stuff not ready for pro game
189 RJ Freure Pittsburgh RHP 40 35 50 excellent K production, + CV, good arm strength poor command, inconsistent release, relief only
190 Drew Rom Highlands HS LHP 40 35 50 good feel for pitching, lively action, flashes + SL fringy present velo, physically not ready for pro game
191 Grant Koch Arkansas C 40 40 45 pre jr yr production, chance to stay at C, avg pop swing amd miss concern, bat speed, upside
192 Seth Halvorsen Heritage Christian Academy HS RHP 40 35 50 good arm strength, good athlete, solid upside raw for pro game, signability, rough mechanics
193 Eric Cole Arkansas LF/RF/CF 40 40 45 good jr yr production, chance for 5 avg tools ceiling may end up as reserve OF, limited track record
194 Kyle Luckham El Dorado HS RHP 40 35 50 lively arm, good SNK, chance for + CH, compete level aytpical mechanics, fringe command, poss. reliever
195 Nick Lee Louisiana-Lafayette RHP 40 40 45 good arm strength, still projectable, solid SL avg to fringe command, middle relief upside
196 Edgar Gonzalez Fresno State RHP 40 40 45 solid SNK, SL flashes +, good production, command not projectable, low rotation or middle relief ceiling
197 Kaleb Hill Watson Chapel HS LHP 40 35 50 projectable build, solid feel for spin, athletic present velo fringe, possibly raw for pro game
198 Brandon Williamson North Iowa Area CC LHP 40 35 50 chance for above avg FB, good build, upside, CH incon. mechanics, command issues, #4 ceiling
199 Joe DeMers Washington RHP 40 45 40 career production, chance for + SL, command, durable velo now fringe to below, must watch conditioning
200 Cesar Salazar Arizona C 40 40 45 good receiver, solid feel for hit, decent athlete fringe pop, likely backup upside, avg to fringe arm