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A change in roles at True Blue LA

San Francisco Giants vs Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Don Feria/Getty Images

After 9½ years running the site, I am no longer the managing editor at True Blue LA. However, this is not a goodbye but rather a change in roles for me.

I am shifting focus to my duties at SB Nation, which will include some MLB writing and other things. But I will still contribute here at True Blue LA, at a reduced rate, maybe 3-5 articles per week.

This started as a hobby back in December 2008, when Phil Gurnee asked me to join him at True Blue LA to write about the Dodgers. What was essentially an extracurricular activity for me grew as the years went on, including quitting my day job to cover baseball full time beginning in 2012. It has blossomed into covering five playoff runs, including three NLCS and a World Series, and joining the Baseball Writers Association of America.

In June 2010 I started running things at SB Nation Los Angeles and in time that transitioned to a role editing and writing at SB Nation. It has been six years doing both SB Nation work and True Blue LA, and simply put there are not enough hours in the day for me to continue to effectively do both. Ideally this switch over might have happened during the offseason but things don’t always go as planned.

By rough count this is my 14,150th post for True Blue LA, give or take a few. That’s an average of over four per day for 9½ years. Counting all posts at SB Nation LA and SB Nation the total is over 24,000 posts, roughly seven per day for nearly a decade. So I’m going to dial it back a bit for now, for my own sanity and yours.

Hopefully the work I continue to produce will be more quality than quantity, but time will tell.

I will still be around here, going to games, hanging out in the comments section when I can, and inducing eye rolls and groans with puns here and on Twitter. I’ll still record the (mostly) weekly podcast with Jacob Burch, too. But I won’t be involved in the day-to-day operations of True Blue LA any longer.

Ryan Walton is now the managing editor of the site, and I’m happy to leave things in his capable hands. Thanks to the great team here, including Craig Minami, David Young, David Hood, Dustin Nosler, Stacie Wheeler and Catherine Caudle, who have helped make this transition as smooth as possible for me, and for True Blue LA as well.

Thanks to everyone for reading for all of these years, and I hope you will continue along for the ride a little longer.