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Home Run Derby 2018: Max Muncy makes second round, loses to Bryce Harper

MLB: All Star Game-Home Run Derby Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Max Muncy represented the Dodgers well in the Home Run Derby Monday, coming out swinging a hot bat before running out of gas in the second round against hometown favorite, Bryce Harper.


Round 1

Muncy’s matchup with Javier Baez was the third of four matchups in the first round, and just like the regular season, Muncy surprised everybody with his power. Baez went first and hit 16 homers, a pace that looked tough since 17 was the highest for anybody up to that point.

The Dodger first baseman came out slugging and passed Baez with 32 seconds to spare.

Muncy moved on to face Harper who only needed to hit 13 to beat Freddie Freeman.

Round 2

Muncy looked tired from the start, hitting line drives but not getting much up and out. After 17 in the first round, the 27-year-old rallied late to hit 12, which was not nearly enough to beat Harper.

After a slow start himself, Harper got in a groove and hit 13 with over a minute left to go on the clock. The Nationals’ outfielder only needed to hit 26 in the first two rounds to get a chance at Kyle Schwarber — who had to hit 37 — in the finals.


Bryce Harper went on an impressive streak of nine homers in the final minute of the final round to tie Cubs’ Kyle Schwarber at 18. Having the bonus 30-seconds in his back pocket, Harper took two more swings to end it.

This is still a really fun format.

The Final Bracket: