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Braves’ Broadcast calls Dodgers ‘unprofessional’ for batting practice attire

The Braves’ broadcast combination of Chip Caray and Joe Simpson went out of their way — for whatever reason — Saturday night to call out what they thought was “unprofessional” attire the Dodgers wear every day during batting practice.

Luckily for us, and unfortunately for Simpson, our friend Chad Moriyama from Dodgers Digest and The Athletic was all over this one with the clip.

“If I were a Dodger fan, I’d be embarrassed,” Simpson said. “And I don’t know how Major League Baseball allows such attire when the gates are open and fans are watching.”

Oh the horror, Joe. Won’t somebody think of the children?

“And I think about fans that come to SunTrust Park who are Dodgers’ fans, they have no idea who any of them are, nobody had any kind of uniform on or batting practice shirt with their name on their jersey. They looked very unprofessional. And I think I can say this because I know what the Dodger organization is all about.”

Simpson — drafted by the Dodgers in 1973 — played in parts of four seasons for Los Angeles before moving on to the Mariners and Royals in a nine-year career. He also apparently has a problem with shirts that are meant to raise awareness for cancer.

Caray defended the stance.

Dodger manager Dave Roberts was made aware of the comments and was not too pleased.

And then the players had their fun.

Imagine being mad because a team didn’t wear a batting practice jersey. Wouldn’t you have liked to be in the room when Dave Roberts finally heard the audio?