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Charley Steiner thought Joc Pederson was Max Muncy

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Los Angeles Dodgers Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

While the Dodgers were putting the hurt on Pirates’ pitching Monday night, Charley Steiner had a moment of confusion when he thought Max Muncy hit a homer to leadoff the fourth inning.

Only it was Joc Pederson who was doing the hitting.

As it turns out, Steiner was just getting ahead of himself. Muncy came up next and launched his 18th homer for real this time, just three pitches after Pederson did it.

Calling all bandwagon fans

Kenley Jansen called out Pederson before Monday’s game when he did an interview with AM 570’s David Vassegh about LeBron James coming to town.

“To all the bandwagon fans, we don’t have tickets for you guys in Staples Center,” Jansen said. “We’re going to make sure we have Nokia Center open. We’re going to have a big screen. We’re going to have all the bandwagon fans like Joc Pederson who were Golden State Warriors the last three years and now want to be on the Laker bandwagon.”

“Magic [Johnson] said he’s going to turn it around and here we are with the best player in the game right now, in the NBA, with the Lakers.”

Let’s keep an eye on our guy Joc because we know he has been a Warriors fan recently.