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Welcome, Blake Harris and Lindsay Adams

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I’m sure their contributions have been noticed over the past few days, but I wanted to officially welcome Blake Harris and Lindsay Adams to True Blue LA. I’m excited to have them on board and I’m sure you will as well.

Blake is our Deputy Manager/Editor, making many contributions in any given week. Lindsay took over as our social media coordinator and has already begun making improvements to our Facebook page.

I asked them to give me a little about themselves for this post and I’ll try not to hold it against Blake that he’s a Clipper fan.

Currently attending Arizona State, Blake is majoring in sports journalism. He covers the Sun Devil baseball team as well as their basketball team. Every Wednesday night he hosts ‘Inside Pitch’, the only baseball show on ASU’s radio station. In his spare time, he edits highlight videos for collegiate athletes.

On Youtube, he has over 125,000 subscribers and nearly 75 million views. Every week, him and his friends do a college football show, which is the most viewed college football related podcast on Youtube. Blake has lived in Los Angeles his entire life, where he is a diehard fan for the Dodgers, Clippers, and Saints.

From Lindsay:

I was born and raised in Moreno Valley, CA, where being a Dodger fan is as common as calling everyone “dude” and eating In-N-Out regularly. Cliches aside, I didn’t really have a choice in fandom. My dad brought me to a 1988 World Series game, and while I was only two at the time, I never really saw anything other than blue. Through the highest of highs (1988 and most of 2017) and lowest of lows (the McCourt era and well, the end of 2017), I have been loyal to the Boys In Blue with no regret.

Professionally speaking, I’m a journalism grad from San Diego State University and have been working in digital marketing with an emphasis in social media marketing for the greater part of the last decade (wow, has it been that long ). I’m super excited to join the TBLA team as it combines my professional expertise and my truest personal love outside of my family. The blue runs deep, my friends. You could say I bleed it.


I know you’ll welcome them with open arms and can’t wait to see what great things they do.