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Mandalay Sports Media, Major League Baseball want your help for a Dodgers Documentary


Mandalay Sports Media and Major League Baseball are teaming up for a documentary on the 1988 Dodgers and the magical playoff run. They are in search of home video from that year’s postseason, with a focus on Game 1 for obvious reasons.

The documentary is set to air on Fox Sports 1 during the upcoming MLB playoffs.

The project already has great footage from MLB, the local LA affiliates, and national news networks but is really looking for home video from fans. Do you have home video of watching or celebrating the 1988 World Series or NLCS?

Ideally, this would be related to Kirk Gibson’s home run but all footage is welcome in an effort to sneak in some shots of the improbable as it played out. Because the World Series wouldn’t have happened without beating the Mets.

If you have something to share, please contact